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PPC Pro was the Pay per click Bid Management Flagship product for ppcmanagement.com for many years, the product is currently no longer available for new customers.  However if you are current owner of PPC Pro you can still receive support for PPC Pro by filling out the PPC Pro contact form below.

PPC Pro Bid Management Software methodologies now power our PPC Management Services

Our long standing reputation in the market for high quality PPC Bid management software stands for itself.  Now instead of offering software for general public use we have significantly improved it and redesigned our company into a services company.

Improvements like Impression Capture Technology

If you are considering bid management software like PPC Pro, you should be aware of numerous changes in the PPC Industry.

The days of Bid Management Software are DEAD!

First and foremost is the increased importance that Google has placed on Quality Scores .  Specifically that quality has a large impact on Impression Share. Google is in the business of making money and they want the most successful ads (the one that are clicked on most often) to get preferential treatment.  To determine the likelihood that your campaign will be successful, means that they now evaluate ad quality, keyword quality and landing page quality to generate an initial quality score.  Fail this initial test and you will get a low Impression share score.   What is Impression Share?  Impression share is basically  the total number of possible impressions that a given keyword is going to have and what percentage of that total you will have the ability to have your ads appear.



Let’s say that your chosen keyword has total impressions of 10,000 and you have an impression share of 10%.  In this scenario your ad will only be eligible to show 1000 times.  Impression share is calculated BEFORE bidding begins.  You might have an unlimited budget but if your impression share is low it just won’t matter.  If you are looking at PPC Bid Management software that doesn’t address Impression share, then you are wasting your time and Money.

Our services using our exclusive and proprietary software PPC Pro plus with ImpressionCapture technology are far superior to any software package on the market.  You want results?  We deliver.