A PPC Consultant Can Maximize Your Agency’s Profit Potential

You can drive hordes of traffic to your clients’ sites, but if it lacks intent, it will have precious little impact on your return on investment (ROI). This is where pay per click (PPC) advertising truly shines. It attracts the top of the buying funnel, delivering the kind of audience that already has its wallet out, ready to shop and decide. PPC looks deceptively simple on the surface: Set a location, add a logo and headline, and pay the price. PPC advertising algorithms are as complex as those governing search engines, though, and they no longer focus on keyword and cost per click alone. Strategies need to be sharp, focused, and informed. A white label PPC consultant will sculpt every campaign like a digital Rodin, shaping it in a way that attracts the right audience en masse. 70% of company calls happen on the back of digital channels, so this is a stellar way to truly impress your clientele.

The New PPC Campaign

A PPC consultant like That! Company will build traffic and revenue for your clientsGoogle Ads (formerly AdWords) campaigns are managed through the Ad Rank Formula, which has evolved to present the most meaningful ad content to each user. It favors keywords with high-Quality Scores and maximum CPC bids. In 2018, Google added Ad Extensions to its algorithm to manage competing ads that have the same bid and quality, giving PPC adverts a higher position if their expected impact is greater. The search giant hasn’t released a more all-encompassing ad rank feature since PPC’s inception, but the change is in keeping with its preference for organic results. Honest, authentic advertisers will do better than manipulative ones, and if you lack the expertise to manage that kind of strategy, you needn’t send your clients to a different marketing company. White label PPC management companies like That! Company will handle your clients’ PPC campaigns on your behalf, letting you accept the credit for a highly profitable advertising channel.

We have the tools and knowledge to take the right data directly to your clients’ best audience. Our team leverages a range of products, from Bing Ads and Google Ads to Social Media PPC, aligning each campaign with a thorough digital marketing strategy making the campaign you sell resonate with your clients’ audiences. Our white label services are personalized, including only the services you need and none of the frills you don’t.

Understanding the Role of PPC Campaign Managers

A good PPC consultant is always a marketer first and a PPC advertiser second. Without a thorough understanding of your clients’ brands and existing marketing strategies, a PPC campaign will flail. PPC campaigns must communicate what your clients offer in a way that’s consistent with their brand identity. Only then can we develop a lead generation formula that’s honed to secure a reliable ROI. We achieve competitive advantage by running analyses of rivals’ PPC ads, assessing bidding trends around their keywords, researching search volume, and assessing costs per click. With the math out of the way, That! Company will move onto a more algorithm-focused strategy. We’ll collaborate with you, keeping you abreast of your metrics via weekly reports and analysis so you can track your results transparently. Our relationship with you is governed by a transparent set of ethics via:

  • A collaborative process—because you know more about your business than we do. We understand we can only achieve ROI by getting beneath the skin of your business.
  • A dedicated consultant who gives you one-on-one attention, tracking your reports and watching your clicks.
  • The best analytics, supplied through the technologically advanced ad and keyword tracker, CallTrax.

Google Ads Extensions

Agencies that use a PPC consultant experience higher rates of transactionsAd extensions don’t merely add business information to an advert. They win rank and carry ads to a diverse set of buyer personas within each key demographic. If you don’t have the time to manage such intensive work, we’ll hone your campaigns under your brand banner, always consulting with your clients in depth. We understand that buyers only convert when their PPC results match their search queries. We’ll use extensions to refine those results. Our dedicated PPC consultant staff will use site link extensions to add extra links to your clients’ results, taking users to the blogs, promotions, or reviews that complete their digital marketing campaign. Structured snippets are another addition that we use to describe brands and products. Extensions collect consumers who are ready to shop, and we believe PPC can, and should, attract far more of the buyer funnel.

ROI and Metrics

A PPC consultant does more than merely feel out a campaign in the dark. That approach will never promise returns. Revenue-based metrics measure expected conversions, click through rates, and impressions. We use that information to create a strategy that’s budget and results-conscious as well as precise. When the campaign has begun, we assess metrics and tweak campaigns if their click-through rates aren’t as high as expected. This lets us present your clients with solid, measurable results that will make your agency sparkle.

Keywords vs. Audiences

Google is leaning further away from keyword optimization with the passage of time, and PPC advertising is no different. Its current algorithm demands an audience targeting strategy that delivers on value, not empty tricks. Google recommends up to 20 keywords, a number that’s unlikely to improve conversions. Dynamic keyword lists let us focus on the search terms that potential buyers use instead. By switching keywords to suit each search, we can improve click-through rates exponentially on your behalf. Managed well, they’ll filter buyers by search and send them to different pages on your clients’ sites depending on their needs. The dynamic keyword feature can even steal some of their competitors’ traffic.

Our advanced PPC campaigns leverage negative keywords, too. These will filter out visitors who are searching for reading material rather than products or brands.

Understanding your Audience

PPC campaign management can be a route to agency successGoogle places ads according to each buyer’s online activity as a whole, so we work hard to understand your clients’ potential audience. PPC isn’t limited to Google, though, so our consultants will gain in-depth knowledge of each demographic’s behavior on social media. Social PPC advertising is governed by its own algorithms, and we have the expertise to compete on the auction that is Facebook’s PPC ecosystem. A social campaign must be tailored to users’ estimated action rates, which are defined by how they interact on their news feeds. Once the campaign has begun, we collect relevance scores that point to signs of early failures.

Facebook’s PPC comes with a unique challenge: large audiences mean busy comments sections that must be handled expertly if your clients are to hold onto their reputations. This is what makes That! Company unique: We consult, not only with you but on behalf of you with your clients. We’ll even handle client calls under your business name.

Every campaign is in a constant state of evolution. Today’s position on the marketing funnel is not tomorrow’s, so in addition to targeting personas, our PPC ads track site visits and clicks over time. We provide a turnkey PPC consultant service at every point in the PPC timeline. We understand that you’ve built your reputation carefully with each passing day, so we treat it with respect. Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation.