The competition for online visibility is very strong, so it’s important for businesses to have a strong search engine marketing (SEM) campaign to claim their piece of fame in the internet game. PPC Management can help you gain the traffic you need and the revenue you deserve. In addition to search engine optimization (SEO), proper online advertising with pay-per-click (PPC) can significantly help to raise your rankings the results page. To place yourself one step ahead of your competition, now is the time to learn how we can help.

One of the First in PPC Management – Google Ads Experts

Look at Everything PPC Management can do with your Google Adwords account.

PPC is an often untapped market for both small and large businesses. As one of the original agencies offering PPC Services, we are proud to be one of the first in PPC Management. From Google Adwords and Bing Ads to Social Media Advertising with platforms such as Facebook, PPC Management is here to advance your business to the next level. Our experienced PPC Management team can drive not just more traffic to your site, but the right traffic to your site.

Our experienced team will utilize powerful software and programs such as Ad Choices and Google Adwords, to boost your rankings with real results. We also understand that Bing has a large following, as well as other search engine providers. This is why our team of highly-skilled managers will weigh elements such as Google vs. Bing and carefully examine Google search trends alongside other search engine marketing trends.

It is our ultimate goal to provide you with the fully optimized online advertising that you can count on. At PPC Management, we are committed to helping your valued customers find exactly what they are looking. As a full-service search engine marketing firm, we will work hard to bring you real results, from your customer’s search, through to conversion. Pay per click is one of the biggest revenue drivers in search engine marketing. This is why you need PPC Management!

PPC Management is Results-Driven

As a business owner, you understand how important results are and we understand that too! Getting results is what it is all about and our team of Google advertising and Bing Ads experts will stop at nothing to get you the results you desire. We are not incentivized to spend your budget but rather are dedicated to closely working with you as a valued client, so we can best meet your specific online advertising needs and search engine marketing goals.

Google Ads PPC Management Ads

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) half-yearly paid search data report, search ads accounted for $10.1 billion, or 37% of the total online advertising revenue for the first half of 2015. If you include mobile-related search revenue stats for search ads, that number jumps to a total of $13.78 billion in revenue, which is 50% of the total online advertising revenue! This is a HUGE part of generated revenue and you should be taking advantage of it. This is where PPC Management can help you.

Our team offers world-class customer service and a true commitment to top-quality work through continuous improvement. At PPC Management, we implement a high level of ongoing employee training in areas such as Google Advertising and important trends related to Google vs. Bing. We also keep our team at the forefront of the latest developments in Google Search Trends and Bing Ads. This allows us to bring you among the best in the industry and the finest practices available in the online advertising industry.

A Rich History in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

PPC Management is proud to be one of the FIRST pay per click firms established. Since nearly Pay per Click Account Management’s inception in the early 2000’s, PPC Management has been in business. With over fifteen years of rich history and extensive pay per click and search engine marketing experience, we are here among the best in the field to serve your online advertising business needs.PPC Management is a Certified Google Ads partner.

It would be hard to find another PPC Management firm with more experience in managing your Pay per Click needs and online advertising efforts more than! From helping clients with establishing strong Google Ads to making better use of Ad Choices, we stand proud as a leader in pay per click management, serving our clients since 2001. Starting out as a premier PPC software tool company and progressing to a full-service pay per click management and search engine marketing company that we are today! As an innovator in the PPC industry, we are proud to offer cutting edge search engine marketing services to help grow your business!

A Valued Leader in Google Adwords and Bing Ads

Many businesses focus on organic searches, however, paid searches are extremely valuable and PPC online advertising has many advantages! PPC Management is proud to use our progressive pay per click bid management software and proprietary analysis tools to deliver you the results you want! Take a look at the many services that our experienced PPC Management Team can offer to help you achieve your business goals:

  • Open Communication: As an experienced PPC Management team, we will always be in contact with you, either on a bi-weekly or even weekly basis, to discuss updates and the management of your account. We will also provide you with Weekly Email Reporting and an Expert Campaign Analysis. Certain plans also include a Weekly Organic vs. PPC comparison report and Unlimited PPC management phone Support.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is a key factor in successful PPC. We may be the experts in PPC but YOU are the expert of your own business. By working together, we can meet the search engine marketing goals you have set forth for your business. As an ongoing service, PPC can serve you for the lifetime of your business so you can receive the return on investment (ROI) you expect.
  • Dedicated Account Representative: We believe high-quality, personalized attention is needed for each and every account. Your dedicated account representative will ensure that your account stays as efficient by scrutinizing the frequency, type and amount of clicks you receive, and evaluating the success. You will also receive a detailed Keyword Analysis reports and be provided with Hands-on PPC Bid Management. Dependent on your plan, we can also offer you an expert Deep ROI Analysis and unlimited managed keywords.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Our partnership with the CallTrax+ allows you to effectively track offline responses to online campaigns. This integrated and enhanced phone call tracking system allows you to see when online advertising, such as Google Adwords, Search Alliance Marketing, or Bing Ads, as they generate phone calls instead of just traditional conversions with exclusive SourceTrax Technology. We also offer exclusive services with Impression Capture ™ Technology.
  • Concentrated Strategic Planning: Our experienced team will identify and create a strategic goal for your campaign. This will include setting up an extensive keyword search campaign that blocks out unintended clicks while capturing the parts of the market you need. We will also use ad copy to attract high conversion traffic, and implement A/B testing for adjustments in the constantly changing market.
  • Strong ROI: Our team will set pages for landing, which includes advising on the optimization of these pages to push up the quality score, increasing impression share and ROI. We will also leverage the content network with different ads, keyphrases, and landing pages.
  • Solid Remarketing Plan: We will utilize alternative search engines such as Bing and their advertising service Bing Ads, and optimize their individual and unique systems, including being aware of their demographics and how to utilize them. We will also take advantage of the powerful demographic targeting tools and unique presentation of Facebook, and possibly other social networks’ pay-per-click advertising, to leverage for conversions.

Our PPC management service 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and is based around the three principles of Excellent Service, Excellent Results, Your overall satisfaction.

Find out what PPC Management can do for you

We dare you to compare us to our competitors! Check out our PPC Company Price Comparison Report and see for yourself how dedicated we are to providing the best quality PPC and online advertising services at the right price. We guarantee that we will either match or beat any other PPC Management firm’s quoted price. It is our goal to provide you with the best value in the industry. At PPC Management, we NEVER charge a set-up fee!

Please be sure to visit PPC Management Services for further details on our services.

Google Adwords Certified, Experts in Google Ads and Bing Ads, High-Quality Google Advertising and Ad Choices professionals are ready to serve you!

Allow our Search Engine Marketing experts to help you get the most out of the internet. Our expert PPC managers can effectively show you what you gained for your investment. We have experience using tools such as Google Analytics to delve in and show the differences each has made by tagging keywords and setting up goal funnels. We can use these incredible tools to further leverage your account and provide you with powerful peace of mind.

Some common problems businesses experience with PPC are often rooted in not fully understanding the complexity and time that proper PPC demands. Some of these common issues include improperly identifying and strategizing the goal of the campaign, experiencing a drained budget due to useless clicks, ineffective ad copy, unproductive landing pages, and lack of familiarity with the Pay per click process. At PPC Management, we can address all of these issues and set forth strategic sessions to create industry-specific campaigns and leverage all aspects of search engine marketing and online advertising. Our team is highly trained in problem-solving and creating lasting results when it comes to online advertising. This includes the creation of effective ad copy (A/B testing multiple forms of ad copy to not only increase click-through rate but targeting and drawing in specific audiences to gain more transactions per click-through, increasing your pay per click return of investment (ROI).

We also will focus on one of the single most important piece of your PPC campaign, which is Keyword Targeting. Our PPC Managers will work to significantly increase your ROI using methods of sparsely using broad match keywords, identifying an extensive list of negative keywords and making frequent use of phrase match and exact match keywords. In addition, our experienced professionals are also very familiar with the massively growing market of mobile PPC Management and we can help your business grow in these areas as well.

Analyzing the top two: Google vs. Bing

As the second largest search engine after Google, Bing has its own set of PPC Management needs as well as a different advertising service. Similar to Google Adwords and their use of Google Ads, Bing has Bing Ads, which serves those who search with that engine. Our team of PPC experts has extensive experience in Google’s internet-based advertising program, AdChoices, and Google Adwords, as well as Bing’s pay per click advertising service of Bing Ads, which serves both the Bing and Yahoo! search engines.

We believe that PPC advertising is the key to many businesses’ success, but unlike other forms of online advertising, PPC campaigns are more complicated campaigns that require constant professional attention. From understanding the ins and outs of Google advertising, to how to manage Ad Choices or Bing Ads, to understanding Google search trends, you need a professional in your corner. This will ensure that you receive professional results.

PPC Management: A full-service Online Advertising Firm at your Service

High-quality PPC takes skill, experience, and a carefully implemented yet strong strategy. It requires a thorough understanding of multiple advertising platforms and services such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads, as well as a solid sense of marketing knowledge. Our team of highly experienced certified PPC managers will serve to grow your business as a credible, trustworthy agency that you can depend on.

Whether you are launching a new website, need to rebrand or you seek a long-term partner for the continued growth of your business, PPC Management is here for you.