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Social Media for Business: Facebook Advertising

Many online business owners are eager to find new ways to promote their companies and interact with their clients in order to gain feedback. With the creation of social networking websites businesses were presented with an entirely new way to generate traffic their websites and create a positive buzz online. Facebook Advertising is a great way to promote aFacebook Advertising | Social Media Advertising Platformsny product, service or message. With over 1.55 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook has a social networking platform that is perfect for targeted advertising. In addition to being a great way to reach millions of users, Facebook is extremely user-friendly meaning anyone with basic computer and Internet knowledge can sign up and create a page.

Social networking websites have quickly become popular with individuals and businesses. While initially established to be used to help individuals meet new friends and interact with old ones social networking has become an effective way to market. Many bands, movies, and actors have set up social networking pages to interact with fans and promote their latest tour, release, and event dates. One of the fastest growing social networking communities, Facebook, has recently started offering Facebook PPC to serious advertisers.

The first step in advertising is to create a business profile page. Facebook allows all users to create a profile that will be used to share their likes and dislikes with their “friends”. Facebook allows businesses to create their own profile that can be used to interact with customers. Instead of “friends” Facebook refers to those connecting with businesses as “fans”. Once your business has set up a profile and has a few fans it is time to start marketing your product or service. The business page set up on Facebook can be used to send updates on discounts or other special offers along with product updates and news items. Facebook makes it easy for your business to communicate with people who are interested in your company or organizations product, services, or message.

Once you have set up your business page you are able to promote your online business using Facebook ads. These ads are an extremely targeted search engine marketing campaign. During the sign-up process, Facebook collects a great deal of information from each new user. This information includes where the user lives (state, country, etc.), the user’s sex, education level, political views, current relationships, and even keywords obtained through the words found on their profile. Users also provide information throughout their experience as they like certain pages or even visit other pages online.

When using Facebook Advertising businesses can be assured that their message will reach the right audience. The advertising program lets businesses choose the users that will actually see their advertisements. The company chooses their target audience from the demographics and interests options that Facebook provides. Now your online business can choose to show advertisements only to people in a certain country, state, or even a specific city.

Facebook Audience Targeting and Social Networking

In addition to using keywords that you have determined to attract customers to your web site with Facebook Advertising, you can also include other factors when audience targeting your next campaign. If your product or services are primarily aimed at women then you can focus your ad campaign on women. For those companies running online dating websites, you can advertise solely to those users who self-identify themselves as single or divorced. Doing that will increase the conversion ratio of your advertisement campaign. With Facebook’s expansive advertising targeting capabilities, you can customize and target your online businesses pay per click campaign more than you ever thought possible. Now you can be sure that you will only be paying for clicks that are made by users that have a high interest in what your business has to offer with your ads.

These features make Facebook one of the hottest places to advertise your business, product, or service. Social networking is extremely popular with people of all ages and now that Facebook is allowing anyone with an email address to sign up and participate in the network an entirely new marketing opportunity is available for many online business owners. With thousands of untapped users, advertisers have found Facebook to be a great new way to expand their web site traffic and increase product and service sales. This can be done through social ads which are a new way to use the social networking site to advertise to the right people. Social ads let advertisers take full advantage of the Facebook News Feeds which keel friends up to date on the actions of their Facebook friends. Advertisers can use Facebook social ads to show their new fans and supporter’s stories and other news items related to their business. The social networking web site has made it extremely easy for advertisers to use pay per click campaigns to advertise and promote various businesses and services.

Effective Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Facebook Pay Per Click Management is a way to effectively manage the Facebook marketing campaign of your business or organization. Now, instead of wasting money by creating an advertisement that may not even be noticed by potential customers, you can create an advertisement that will appeal to your customer base. Facebook helps to ensure that you are maximizing your investment by targeting the audience that will most likely be converted into customers.

Facebook Pay Per Click Management can be the key to helping you keep your business afloat and generate momentum towards creating a unique customer experience with your brand. The advertisements on Facebook are shown in several different places now then they were before. Previously the ads were shown on the left or right side of the screen out of the visibility of users who sign into Facebook to interact with their friends and organizations. Now it allows you to not just target mobile devices but the networks and timelines of users as well. This has completely changed the way businesses get in front of users. A Facebook manager will help to make sure that the advertisement appearing will get the attention of as many users as possible. The ads will have appealing copy and images to the target audience focused on likes, clicks, or simply brand awareness. This would be set up for either the ad campaigns on a top level or specific ad groups.

Facebook Advertising | Improve Audience Targeting To Mobile Users

Our Facebook Pay Per Click Management services will help customers create attention-getting social ad quickly. These ads will grab the attention of the appropriate Facebook users and get them to investigate the Facebook page of your own business. Whenever a user connects with you because of your social ad, all of their friends are shown the new connection in their news feed which gives them the chance to check out your profile and be exposed to your business, service, and message.

The power of the news feed does not just stop there. It continues with each connection that is made and action that is taken. Whenever a new Facebook friend leaves a message on your company’s Facebook page, their friends will be able to read the message. This will expose them to your page as well. With each new friend your social ad attracts, you expand your sphere of influence, including their friends as well. Keep this in mind as engagement is the number one way to determine the success of a campaign. If you are interested in your engagement on your page you can find the related statistics on your page in the insights tab.

Facebook PPC Targets User Interests

Facebook PPC, or pay per click, is an advertisement method that is designed to help marketers reach potential customers who are current members of the popular social networking web site. While many social networking websites offer in some form or another Facebook PPC offers one of the easiest to use and affordable pay per click systems out there. Facebook PPC is a great opportunity for advertisers that want to reach a wider audience without spending a large amount of money. There are many reasons why online business owners should use Facebook PPC rather than utilizing other pay per click programs. Pay per click programs are one of the most affordable ways for online businesses to reach targeted traffic while only paying for actual visits. The only problem the average user has with pay per click programs is that they do not always reach the right audience. Just because someone clicks on an advertisement does not mean that they are necessarily interested in web site they are visiting. These visitors might browse the site and leave without even thinking of spending money on the product or service being offered.

Facebook PPC is designed to target a specific audience which means users that click on an advertisement are actually interested in the product being advertised. Facebook PPC lets advertisers choose the audience for their advertisement based on their interests. This means that your advertisement will only be shown to users that have already expressed some interest in the product or service you are promoting. The topics and interests available for the advertisers to pick from are far more specific than other pay per click programs. This extremely advanced demographic targeting method helps to drastically increase the conversation rates of web site visitors that have been attracted because of the Facebook advertisement. From this, you can even build out a customized audience that looks like the visitors you have had recently (over a 30, 60, 90 or 180 day period of time).

Along with being extremely targeted Facebook PPC is also extremely easy to set up. Facebook PPC carefully walks new advertisers through the entire set up process to help make sure the ad is set up correctly. The process is very user-friendly and surprisingly self-explanatory, which is great for those who are relatively new to pay per click programs. There are options and hints available to help during any confusing parts and clear up any questions that the advertiser might have. Like other pay per click programs, Facebook PPC only charges advertisers for the ads that are actually clicked on. This means you do not have to pay if your advertisement generates no traffic. Managing the ads, strategy and constant time commitment to your brand are typically the top three reasons agencies like ours are hired. Teaching you the process step by step keeps you not only in the loop but educated when reports come in to help you make educated decisions on your Facebook advertising.

What do you need to leverage Facebook PPC Management?

It is easy for someone who is new to pay per click programs to be fooled into believing that setting up a Facebook advertiser account will guarantee a flood of quality traffic to their web site. What pay per click advertisers have to remember is the purpose of a pay per click program is not to drive random traffic to a web site. The purpose of a pay per click campaign is to bring targeted traffic to a web site that can be converted into customers or subscribers.

Facebook advertising is a great option for those that are new to the world of pay per click campaigns or for those that have not had very much success with pay per click campaigns in the past. An affordable Facebook PPC Management company will be able to determine where you have been going wrong during your past pay per click campaigns and help keep you from spending money on a campaign that will not work. Using this service will ensure that you get the most out of your pay per click campaign.

Facebook PPC Management The Details

At this point, I am sure you are wondering how Facebook PPC Management works. For starters, PPC Management will assign a dedicated account representative to help maFacebook Advertising | Facebook Advertising PPC Managementnage your Facebook pay per click campaign. This account representative will be available to help answer any questions you might have and will help you avoid the confusion and inconvenience that occurs when you have to talk to a new account representative each time a question needs to be resolved. The dedicated account representative assigned to help you during your Facebook pay per click campaign will be available for weekly or monthly meetings to discuss any concerns you might have or brainstorm ideas that can help further expand your campaign.

PPC Management will also help analyze the demographics and interests that will produce the best results. Our Facebook PPC Management company has years of experience deciding what advertising methods get the best results and they will be able to tell you which demographic areas to concentrate your campaign on. This will help increase the conversion rate of your traffic meaning a large percentage of web site visitors that are generated thanks to Facebook are actually purchasing your product or service and making your investment a good one. PPC Management will also provide you with daily email reports so that you can keep track of how many people are clicking your ads and how much money you are spending. No more worrying about being surprised by your Facebook Advertising PPC Management campaign costs at the end of the campaign.