PPCManagement.com History

PPCManagement.com was here when Pay Per Click was born!

PPC Management History includes a rich autobiography in Pay Per Click Account Management. Since nearly it’s inception, PPC has been managed by PPCmanagment.com. That deep history and years of experience are here to serve today’s clients in the constantly changing world of Pay per click.


thumb2001.pngIn 2001, under the leadership of Jed Young, PPCManagment.com was founded with their first release of PPC Pro (the leading PPC Bid Management Software). This was designed for use with goto.com (the predecessor to Overture and subsequently Yahoo). The Premier PPC Account Management Company was born!






thumb2002.pngOverture was now on the scene and PPC Pro was supporting international Bids in the UK and Germany! A new product, “Keyword Arsenal,” was on the way! The world’s leaders in PPC Account Management was growing!






thumb2003.pngKeyword Arsenal was now a flagship product (it allowed you to perform extensive keyword research to maximize your PPC campaigns).  PPC Pro was now supporting Overture US, Overture UK, Overture DE, Overture FR, Google, FindWhat, Kanoodle, and Ah-ha!

The Search Engine Wars were just getting heated up and with Google on the scene. Everything was about to change! The world’s leader in PPC Account Management continued to flourish.




thumb2004.pngPPCManagement.com began offering services such as “Bid Accelerator,” which provided clients with the ability to have bids placed more frequently than just once an hour.

Other Services Included:

  • Keyword Research and Discovery–Using our proprietary software and our expertise, we can take an initial list of keywords and generate thousands of highly targeted key terms focusing on conversions
  • Title and Description Writing–Using our ‘Q2‘ process, we write titles and descriptions that will help you exponentially ‘qualify’ your visitors–ensuring you receive the most targeted traffic possible, never paying for ‘fly-by’ click-throughs. 
  • Landing Page Development–First impressions are extremely important. When a user clicks on a search listing pointing towards your site, it is important that the ‘landing page’ has exactly what the searcher is looking for…we can help
  • Campaign Setup–Setting up your campaigns can be very time-consuming and tedious. Let us and our software do the work.
  • Ongoing Campaign Management–We will ensure you are always at the top of the search listings using our automated bid management software.
  • Return-On-Investment (ROI) tracking–Want to know which keywords and which search engines are driving the most conversions? We can track all paid and non-paid search engine listings on a keyword-by-keyword basis.
  • Complete Campaign Management–Let us take care of everything from start to continued success.

The World Leading PPC Account Management Company continued to service clients from around the world!



The 2007 history of ppc managementJed Discontinued external support for the bid management toolsets and focused on providing services exclusively.

PPCManagement.com was acquired by Buildtelligence Web Solutions, a full-service Search Engine Optimization, Design and Internet Marketing Firm.  PPCManagement.com expanded their service offerings in PPC Campaign management, with Jed Young still serving as a trusted and experienced advisor.

The Premier PPC Account Management Company transitioned into what it is today, The undisputed World Leader in PPC Account Management, PPC Service, and PPC Results!