Building a PPC Campaign That Works!

Pay per click (PPC campaign) is an advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, banner networks, and content websites/blogs. It is where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser’s website. Building a PPC campaign that works is about utilizing this true performance-based advertising. The advertiser only pays for performance, an excellent discussion of PPC basics can be seen here.

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PPC That Company

Pay Per Click Advertising on Search Engines

Professional PPC Campaigns, as we provide at, are a service, run by people who have relationships and intimate knowledge of Search Engines providers. Our job is to know how and when to bid on keywords which we believe the target market will type into the search bar. When a user types a keyword query matching the advertiser’s keyword list, the advertiser’s ad becomes visible. If you are the advertiser who has placed the highest bid for a specific keyword or set of keywords, then you rank number one in these paid listings. Every major search engine now displays these paid ads above and to the right side of their ‘organic’ rankings. These ads are called “Sponsored links” or “sponsored ads” and appear above or next to the organic results on search engine results pages.

Advertisers enjoy PPC advertising because it is simple. They also have greater control over their advertising campaign, and receive better feedback on performance measures, compared to traditional advertising. The growing importance of online marketing makes PPC an important arena for them to use and master.

Is a Self-Managed PPC Advertising Campaign the Right Choice for You?

With solid promotional writing skills and a clear understanding of consumer psychology, you can self-manage. These skills, plus various PPC advertising rules and guidelines, may save money. In our experience, however, many clients are not strategic enough. They spend far too much money and bid poorly, often on too many unproductive keywords. All these mistakes result in lost time and added cost. Another problem is the time misuse. While clients have excellent business-specific skills and abilities, it’s better to apply these to drive business, not mastering PPC advertising.

If you repair cars for a living, what would you say to an online advertising specialist doing complex repairs on their own vehicle? You might say, “Sure you can do it, but it will take longer.” It might not work as expected, either.  An online marketing professional specializing in  PPC advertising can do more for less and can do it faster. Our team can develop a system to progressively focus in on the best ad copy, bidding price and timing of ad positions, all without the client losing valuable time and expense.

What is a PPC Advertising Network and How Can It Help Bring You More Customers?

PPC Campaigns connect advertisers and customers with websitesPPC advertising networks connect advertisers to websites that want to host advertisements. What is the key function of an ad network company? It is the aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand. The main purpose of an ad is to drive traffic to websites. For this, when the ad is clicked, advertisers pay the publisher. It is simply defined as the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked. Paid-for listings through these networks have some strong advantages. They include immediate results, control over ad copy and instant amendments, targeted audiences, and result measurements.

The PPC advertising networks market is huge and continues to grow. An advertising network essentially brokers advertisement campaigns. It finds sites with content inventory that matches the needs of advertisers looking to run ads. A site should be selective when showing to users to ensure they are getting the best possible ad revenue. Relationships with a diverse group of these providers are why “THAT! Company” can offer our clients the best possible results for their pay per click advertising dollar.

With PPC Advertising Networks: Diversity is Key

Online advertising inventory comes in many different forms. Examples include space on websites, RSS feeds, blogs, instant messaging, adware, emails, and other web presences. THAT Company’s PPC management capabilities include a mixture of search engines, with Google being the most important. Google AdSense is one of the largest display advertising networks, and perhaps the best known. Google ads communicate across all devices and media platforms, featuring an effective combination of placement, contextual and audience targeting tools to help you find, reach and connect with your audience more efficiently than ever. This platform allows publishers to monetize standard display ads, mobile and video and search results as well. In fact, Google AdWords accounts for around 90% of PPC dollars because of the high percentage of total webs search traffic on Google.

“I Thought SEO Brought Visitors to My Page?”

When you combine both PPC and SEO, you seriously improve your visibility, traffic, and online presence. Both offer unique advantages that can help you achieve your online goals. PPC helps you to discover which ad copy is most successful, and you can split-test landing pages. This is knowledge you can use to the benefit of your SEO efforts. Clear landing pages with strong content will benefit your pay per click efforts in increases in ROI. You can learn from your PPC efforts which keywords perform best, and push these in your SEO efforts. PPC advertising networks help your business become more profitable by targeting a specific segment of the market with a relatively unique product or service, especially when there are a lot of competitors bidding against your ads and driving up the cost of your PPC efforts.

What Is a PPC Campaign and Why Is It Effective Advertising?

PPC campaigns are a profitable means of advertising. An ad is placed within a search engine such as Google or the Search Alliance. Advertisers use keywords or keyword phrases relevant to their target market to drive traffic to their website. To be successful in the world of search engine marketing, using a PPC management agency like THAT! Company is necessary for a company to generate the most efficient and effective advertising results. If you are not confident in your ability to manage your PPC campaigns, or if you simply don’t have the time, you can spend a lot of wasted marketing dollars and accrue a lot of frustration. This is why Google generates 96% of its revenue through AdWords – by capitalizing on a lack of knowledge and time from its advertisers. You need a PPC team that is as intelligent as the search engines.

PPC Campaign Criteria

Crafting a PPC campaign is a highly detail-oriented job, one that requires a lot of expertise. Not everyone knows how to even start one, let alone run one. The difference between a well-run effort and a poorly run one are as different as night and day. There are at least a few tips that can make it easier to be successful when it comes to pay per click advertising.

A PPC Campaign makes the Internet more useful

Keywords and PPC Campaign

The first step is to make sure that you are identifying the right keywords. Keywords are the name of the game when it comes to a PPC campaign. You need to know where you’re going to fit and where saturation makes things difficult. On one hand, your ad will surely be seen a number of times. However, is it on the same page with companies that have better name recognition? Is it sharing space with direct competitors rather than marginally related companies? If so, you are not going to get as many clicks. Knowing which keywords will bring traffic and which ones won’t is a good way to start your investment.

PPC Management

In addition to keywords, the campaign manager must understand analytics. Trends and search patterns change significantly over time, sometimes day to day. A news story that gets shared on Facebook can introduce brand new words and phrases into the vernacular that might be related to what you do, and getting on those trends early will help you, as well as getting off phrases that are simply not used anymore. It takes a lot to get used to the trends, but PPC management is about learning to recognize them and adapt as quickly as possible.

Beyond these two points, however, a useful PPC campaign manager will reach people even when they do not click. In fact, since every click is what ultimately costs you, it is better to be able to craft ads that can bring attention to your business without them having to click on the link. This includes things like adding a call to action and a phone number to the advertisement or making sure the title gives as much information as possible.

Again, this is a skill that comes through time, trial, error, and the resulting experience. You want exposure more than you want traffic, and a conversion without a click is just more money that can go toward getting more eyes on you. Working with can be incredibly rewarding in terms of bringing in more business. We do our thorough research and spend the time to make your PPC campaign work for you.

How Do PPC Service Management Strategies Increase Profits?

A skilled PPC service consultant helps you reach customer online via paid search advertising. THAT! Company is a professional internet marketing company whose staff of online experts provide a full range of PPC actions to help you achieve your goals quickly and in a most cost-effective manner. The art of driving high quality targeted traffic to your website and converting searchers successfully on your website can be a challenging proposition even for the largest, most technically advanced company knowledgeable in PPC service and SEO conversion strategy.

THAT! Company makes sure every marketing dollar you spend is trackable to your bottom line in both leads and sales. We are one of the leaders in Pay per click management It is our goal to drive the right kind of traffic through the right experience at the right moment. With THAT! Company’s PPC service, you can know your account is in the right hands.

Our PPC consultants are highly trained to help you achieve your PPC goals. We have dedicated account managers who fully understand digital marketing, including:

  • text ad optimization
  • campaign level reporting
  • transparency (constant access to your account)
  • conversion tracking
  • Google Search and display networks
  • monthly calls and reporting
  • bid management
  • landing page optimization recommendations

Our software makes it easy to continually discover new, profitable keywords you may be missing out on and create more specific keyword distinctions. This is a powerful function that plays a huge role in keeping you in front of your competition in generating leads and conversions. We know how to bid on the keywords and phrases that will attract your target market and demographics with sustained development.

Does PPC Management Requires Professionals?

We see it every day: businesses are suffering from poor PPC management, despite hiring what they believe to be a “professional” company. We see companies spend more than they need to spend while receiving underwhelming results. Professional Pay per click management services is an investment in the success of your business, and THAT! Company recognizes this. It is our job to present your products and services in a positive and highly noticeable way while minimizing your costs. We want your business to be in front of as potential targeted customers as possible, and we want qualified traffic to visit your website. We
design PPC campaigns that result in exactly this action.

What THAT! Company’s PPC Management Brings to the Table

THAT! Company’s PPC managers do more than campaign management; they develop effective strategies, provide consulting on conversion best practices, generate creative ad copy, and find new ways to keep their clients’ campaigns fresh and exciting. Not surprisingly, they are also able to navigate through the tangled web of conflicting needs and desires between the search engines, the advertiser and the consumer. While doing this, we keep in mind that attracting targeted traffic and seeking conversions is our main goal when we manage PPC campaigns. An educated searcher is seeking something very specific, and it is up to us to deliver a message that attracts them for a reasonable cost.

Users of the internet today want to find what they want immediately and with little effort. PPC campaigns are the best way to meet this need, especially when your company or business is not found in the organic rankings. It is important that your business relies on expert services as we provide here at THAT! Company. We adhere to the highest standards and value our clients. It is the only way you can guarantee that you are getting the most efficient results from your PPC campaigns.

Why Advertise Using PPC Campaigns?

Our PPC service can make sure your website can generate traffic right away. It can also make your website more nimble. Your advertising campaign reaches searchers immediately rather than taking weeks or months because of changing audience behavior. THAT! Company can adjust most of your pay per click campaigns to readily adapt to market conditions. You can’t avoid the fact that change is the number one constant in search marketing that your business will always face. THAT! Company’s PPC service has a high tolerance for change. We understand that the goal is more money flowing to your pocket and a relative advantage over your competition.

THAT! Company is more than a PPC service company. Our staff can create great PPC strategies that will make your advertising dollar drive your bottom line. The fact is, we live, eat and drink PPC marketing. We practice what we preach every day by continually studying and researching the best practices available. THAT! Company works to power your website ranking with a team approach. We are driven to create new ideas to build your website rankings above your competitors, giving you an edge in the search engine marketplace. Once you partner with a PPC company, Building an Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign for Your Business is simple and cost-effective.