PPC Management Services

An Overview of PPC Management Services

We pride ourselves in our PPC Management Services.  Having been around at the birth of PPC, we are PPC management services experts.  Specifically, we understand that what we provide is indeed a service.

We don’t like bad service. Who does?  Because of this basic understanding, we are committed to quality customer service and keeping lines of communication open.  We will be there when you call, we will be there when you email, we will be there whenever you have a question.  A live person will always answer the phone during business hours.  You will receive excellent service. PERIOD.

PPC Management Services and Internet Marketing is our business.  Without making you successful we cannot be successful, therefore right behind providing excellent service is our commitment to providing results.  Our second commitment to you as a client is that we will provide positive results. It isn’t our responsibility to just drive traffic instead we have to drive the right traffic through to the right experience at the right moment. We have to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for, and take them through that entire experience, from a search trigger to completed action. When customers find our clients, our clients see results.

Dedicated Account Representative:  To accomplish these two basic commitments (Excellent Service and Excellent Results)  we will provide you with a dedicated account manager.  Their job is to be the primary contact for you to answer any questions you have about our services.  Your dedicated PPC consultant is there to work with you to plan your PPC strategy,  to help you review the PPC management service results,  and to always ensure your satisfaction as a customer.

Our PPC management service 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is based around these three principles:

  • Excellent Service
  • Excellent Results
  • Your overall satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Ongoing PPC Management Services Team Training

We believe that PPC advertising is the key to many businesses’ success, but unlike other forms of online advertising, PPC campaigns are more complicated campaigns that require constant professional attention. To get professional results you need a professional in your corner.  The attention provided by our Pay Per Click Management Team can’t be rivaled.  Our entire staff is all analytical and well trained.  They attend regular  “in service” training to review the latest PPC advertising changes and techniques. They also participate in peer reviews where their accounts and their campaign effectiveness are scrutinized and reviewed by other team members.  All of this is done with the goal of improving effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

The business of online advertising through Google Adwords and Search Alliance – Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) and Bing (formerly MSN Adcenter) – can not only be complicated and time-consuming, but also expensive. It requires a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the very different approaches to pay per click management by Google, Search Alliance (formerly Yahoo and Bing / MSN). Buildtelligence prides itself on its service, customer satisfaction, ongoing research, continual training, personalized marketing methods, and client results. We will launch and administer every aspect of your Adwords and Search Alliance (Yahoo / Bing) campaigns so that you reach or exceed your goals faster, easier and more efficiently.  A few bids merely one cent higher than yours,  a landing page with poor content, a poorly written ad, made at any time, can mean the difference between paying or earning a fortune, achieving or losing a top ranking, a middle-ranking or not even appearing on the rankings at all. Ongoing team training is the only way to achieve these goals.

Our knowledgeable, experienced staff will fully manage and execute your entire online advertising campaign according to your specifications and a strategic plan that we help you develop. We offer a full range of Pay Per Click management services from initial keyword research and strategy development to comprehensive budget management and ROI tracking.

Our PPC management service team manages your pay per click campaign(s) in 4 distinct phases:

Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 1
Internet Marketing Strategy And Online Campaign Development

We will thoroughly analyze your company and its goals so we have a full understanding of your specific business requirements. Then, we will select productive keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product or service, target audience, and industry. We will create an effective campaign strategy based on your budget and goals. Finally, our copywriting team will create compelling ads and match them with the most effective landing pages and or suggest custom landing pages.

PPC Management Services Phase 1 Includes:

  • Goals and Objectives Review.
  • Expert Detailed Keyword Analysis:  Working with you, our team will develop a customized keyword campaign, specific to your business by doing in-depth Keyword research – We will select productive keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product or service, and your target audience and industry.
  • Budget and Targeting Review.
  • Generate detailed descriptions of your business to enhance the quality and frequency of your visits.
  • Creative Ad copywriting – We will create compelling ads and determine which messages perform best in order to maximize the number of customers.
  • Landing pages creation and improvement – We will make sure your landing page(s) are attractive and designed to create conversions.
  • Assist with implementing the best possible tracking for your website.
  • Assist you in creating and achieving realistic short and long-term goals.

Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 2
Ongoing PPC Campaign Management


  • Daily / Hourly bid monitoring
  • Ad effectiveness review
  • Compelling ad variant creation
  • Comprehensive Pay Per Click Management budget oversight
  • Pay per click campaign optimization
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly PPC strategy and results meetings (depending on PPC management services plan)
  • Hands-on PPC Bid Management
  • Weekly email reporting
  • Weekly Organic vs. PPC comparison report  (depending on PPC management services plan)
  • Unlimited PPC Management phone support  (depending on PPC management services plan)
  • Exclusive SourceTrax Technology  implementation

We will continuously monitor and analyze your campaign performance in terms of:

  • Click through rates (ratio of clicks to impressions, CTR)
  • Conversion rates (ratio of visitors who performed a desired action, such as purchased your product, to clicks)
  • On an ongoing basis, our disciplined methodology and proprietary PPC bid management tools will closely:
  • Monitor your advertising
    • Manage keywords
    • Adjust ad positions and bids
    • Test click-through rates
    • Measure your ROI by keyword or campaign

Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 3
In-Depth PPC Campaign Tracking And ROI Measurement

You can’t improve it if you can’t measure it. Online Advertising (like any form of advertising is only effective when it generates measurable results. For example, if somebody clicks on your ad and buys your product, then this is considered as a click-to-sale conversion or a click to lead conversion, or just simply a conversion.

We will generate ROI reports that measure ad budget effectiveness by comparing results (sales, sign-ups, leads, registrations – whatever you need to track) against the dollars spent on generating the results.  This will help you analyze current campaigns and decide on future online strategies.


  • Campaign tracking and ROI reporting
  • Ongoing results and goal reviews
  • In-depth ROI analytics

Your dedicated account representative will ensure that your account stays as efficient as possible by scrutinizing the frequency, type and amount of clicks you receive and evaluating the success of your keywords on a continuous basis. In conjunction with our daily management, we also implement our proprietary software to help to manage your account; our software monitors your bids, positions, clicks, conversions, and costs, 24 hours a day. We take your campaign requirements — budget, target conversion cost, return on ad spend — and use these metrics to adjust bids and optimize your campaign on a continuous basis.

Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 4
PPC Management Services Quality Program

We have a serious commitment to quality.  This isn’t a quality initiative, but rather a core value of continuous improvement.  Our commitment to quality involves 2 primary continuous improvement loops.

  • Loop1:
    • Continual customer satisfaction and results reviews
    • We will continually listen to our clients regarding our pay per click management services and we will utilize that information to improve our services.
  • Loop 2:
    • Continual Self-evaluation
    • We will continually self-evaluate our services through ongoing peer reviews and campaign effectiveness reviews.  We will utilize the information gained in ongoing employee training.

Continuous improvements to our PPC management and business development services come through this ongoing commitment to our quality program, listening to our customers, reviewing our effectiveness and most importantly, applying what we learn through training.