Amazon Pay Per Click-Another PPC Service

How Does Amazon Pay Per Click Work?

You might be surprised to know that you can advertise on Called Amazon Product Ads, this Amazon pay per click service allows you to post your products on their site and have the ads send potential customers to you. So how is this different from normal PPC ads, and more importantly, what can it do for you?

While Google is the number one search engine, has become the leading shopping site, first for books and now branching out into just about everything. Both have accomplished this by providing excellent customer service and value. Amazon in particular has striven to present an ever-growing inventory of products at the lowest prices. So why would they want to sell advertising, much less an Amazon pay per click service?

What Do They Get Out Of It?

We all know businesses don’t do things just to be nice to other businesses, so why sell PPC ads? There are a number of possible reasons. First, they have gone to great lengths to be a site that supplies just about anything you are looking for, but they can’t offer everything. Selling ads gives them a way to expand their product offerings. Second, their business model has left them with some of the best prices, but perhaps not the best profits. Ads give them additional revenue.

What Do You Get From Amazon Pay Per Click Ads?

The number of people shopping on Amazon is amazing, and from an advertiser’s point of view, these are all people looking to buy something! When someone sees your ad, they are already shopping for that type of product. If they follow through and click it, they are more likely to buy than are potential clients from many other sources. This is a quote from Amazon’s site by someone using the service:

“Amazon Product Ads sends quality consumers to our website with a conversion rate 180% higher than other traffic channels.”
Brenda Smith, Director of Web Development |

How Does it Work?

This service is a bit different from the PPC ads you place on the search engines. Where you would normally pick a list of keywords and then write ads to go with them, with this service all you need to do is upload your product catalog, complete with links to your product pages, of course. Then Amazon will create product ads for you using the data you provide – the more you give, the better the results.

The online retailing powerhouse will then show the ads in the appropriate places where people are shopping for similar products. When someone clicks on your Amazon ad, you are charged for the click. As with other services, you set a daily budget of how much you are willing to spend, and you have some flexibility on the cost of each click. Here at, we can help you set up a profitable Amazon pay per click campaign.