Bid Management Software

Bid management software is a service which allows websites to set bidding rules for how much to pay for PPC search engine traffic. It is software used for automatic controlling of bids in SEO (search engine optimization). This software works with any number of search keywords which can be managed by various providers such as Google. The role of bid management is to set the relevant bid amount of each keyword and continuously adjust it. The advertiser signs a contract that allows them to compete against other advertisers in a private auction hosted by an advertising network.

The Value of Bid Management Software

Bid management software is important to every company who is relying on their website to drive traffic to their sites for a high rate of leads and conversions. The customer will have the opportunity to conduct intensive analysis via a login in area and transmit the results directly to their advertising campaigns and search networks. A good software system has the ability to measure not only the clicks that took place before a conversion, but the conduit preceding it.

The success of advertising in SEO depends significantly on the price a company is willing to or must pay the keyword marketer for clicking on their ad. The most pay per click prices are determined by bid management software per search keyword. The challenge is the more extensive SEM campaigns, because they contains thousands of search terms, the more difficult it becomes to optimize bids in order to meet target figures. Bid management software tools help to find statistically secured optimum bids based on analysis and to buy bids for the lowest possible price. Smaller companies and online shops who simply want to generate traffic for their website can benefit from this tool because they may not need or want to take into account an quality differences between different keywords and take advantage of click maximization for a specific budget.

For larger companies conversion maximization and profit maximization must be considered. Not only should the cost of the clicks be taken into account, but also their quality. This can be measured through conversion tracking. Bid management software attempts to buy as much traffic as possible via the most attractive keywords with the lowest cost per order and be able to measure not just the number of conversions but their value. This enables the most precise form of optimization for customers.

Bidding Practices

Bid management software must encompass a number of qualities such as keyword bids based on a complex set of algorithms, incorporating the best bidding practices taking into consideration the goals and objectives of the company. With the best use of ROI and AdWords, this type of software must try to make the most out of the company’s budget and not the budget they wish they had. Bid management software should not force a company to give up control of their keyword bids and offer a system that will perform thousands of calculations, look at hundreds of signals per week and work while you sleep to determine where and when you can increase clicks or save money.