The Advantages of Using Bing Pay Per Click Ads

Why Use Bing Pay Per Click Ads?

Most everyone knows that Google has the lion’s share of the search market. While that does make it important, you should not overlook the benefit of using Bing pay per click ads as well. Let’s take a look at the differences, both in the cost and the benefit of using the Bing networks. Is it vital, or should you not bother?

Google and Bing, while doing basically the same thing, are still very different programs. The differences can be very detailed and are a bit beyond our scope today, but they are there. While the most relevant sites will show up on both, some other sites will differ, and the search experience itself is very different. Some people will prefer one over the other, and use the one they prefer almost exclusively.

What is the Cost of Using Bing Pay Per Click Ads?

Just as with Google AdWords, you get to set a budget, and that is what the service will spend based on your choices and settings. This is of course the obvious and up front cost. Other factors to consider are the secondary or hidden costs. A Bing campaign will take time and effort to manage. This must be done either by yourself or by someone you hire, an added cost of time or money. Another thing to consider is that any money you are spending on Bing pay per click ads is money not spent elsewhere.

What are the Benefits to Using Bing?

While it is clearly the number two search engine, Bing does have some things going for it. First off, there are the people who are dedicated users; ads on Google won’t reach these folks. Another little know fact is that Bing and Yahoo work together showing paid search ads. Not only do Bing ads show on Yahoo search results, but they also have access to Yahoo’s extensive network of websites that show placement ads, or those ads that show up on third party websites.

How to Decide

It can be a tough decision whether or not to split your online budget between multiple search engines, and if your budget is limited, it might be wise to stick to just one. However, if you do have enough funds available, it can be very advantageous to cover more than one market. Also, with some market research you can see which search engines are most popular with your target audience. There are many groups of people who find Bing more to their liking; if this includes your customer base, then it only makes sense to start using Bing pay per click ads. Our experienced PPC specialists here at would be happy to discuss your options with you.