Using Bing PPC

Bing PPC is not usually talked about. That is not because it is bad, but rather because Bing is not as large or as popular as Google is. The latter is generally the search engine of choice, so most people consider AdWords to be the default engine through which pay per click advertisements are done. However, it’s for this very reason that you should consider Bing Ads as a part of your pay per click marketing strategy, especially since it’s also incredibly easy to do.

First of all, Bing PPC department realizes that it’s not the first choice of many advertisers. That’s part of the reason why they make it incredibly easy for you to copy your Google AdWords campaigns over to Bing Ads. It’s a simple process of importing them over. Once you have them on Bing Ads, you can choose to edit them as necessary, change the keywords and other specifications, or simply start over again with new ads. Bing Ads also provides a number of tutorials to help you get the most out of your advertizing, so between them and us, you can get a pretty good grip on how best to structure your pay per click campaign.

Once you’ve got your ads set up and your accounts refreshed, you’re ready to go. Bing PPC works like most in that you are charged a certain amount from your account (which is pre-arranged) every time somebody actually clicks on your advertisement. You also get, when you sign up to Bing Ads, your advertisements placed on several different types of locations on the Yahoo! Bing Network, giving you a wider audience to tap and the ability to narrow down the places that work and the ones that don’t.

Finally, with Bing PPC you get some fantastic management software that really helps you keep an eye on your campaigns and how well they are doing. This is incredibly important, since running a pay per click campaign requires you to have access to a lot of data at regular intervals and to be able to assimilate and respond to it. The PPC management tools that you will have available will be incredibly helpful in guiding your advertisements, in knowing what works and how, and in refining your campaigns so they are the most effective. They can also help you in predicting trends so you know when to move on.

There are a lot of reasons why you should try out this other service. If for no other reason, it’s less saturated than Google, and clever product placement (such as on the show Elementary) is bringing new people to the search engine every day. Now is a great time to really take a look at Bing PPC.