Affording the Cost of Pay Per Click Management

What is the Real Cost of Pay Per Click Management?

Are you concerned about the cost of pay per click management? Pay per click advertising is an effective and efficient way to advertise online, but of course, it is not free. There are many costs involved in pay per click; some are obvious, others not so much. Let’s take a look at these and see how they apply to your needs.

The Obvious Cost

First of course is the actual cost of each click. This is paid to which ever provider you are working with, and is unavoidable. It is variable, however, and there may be many ways that you can reduce this cost with careful setup and bidding on your keywords. It is important to remember this point when working up your advertising budget. It is often best to first decide how much you want to spend, and then work on getting the most out of it. This way, at least the cost is fixed, if not the results.

The Management Fee

Another large part of the cost of pay per click management is potentially the fee you pay to a manager or firm to run the account. Whether to an employee of your company or to a contracted provider, unless you are doing the work yourself, someone is going to want to be paid for handling it. This amount can vary widely from a barely paid intern at your office to the most expensive of management firms. It takes some comparison shopping and careful deliberation to come up with the right choice for your particular business, but the results are more than worth the time. And there is one more factor to consider.

The Hidden Cost of Pay Per Click Management

When you run pay per click ads, you are competing with an unknown number of other advertisers for a potential customer’s attention. Here is where you run into the costs that are not plain to see. These include the time cost of running an account by yourself when you should be doing something that plays more to your strengths, or the cost of a poorly set up campaign bringing in only a few overpriced and ineffective clicks from visitors who don’t convert into customers or leads.

These opportunity costs can quickly outweigh the dollar cost of hiring a well qualified and motivated professional to manage your PPC account for you, even if they are not a clearly visible on the expense account worksheet. Considering these costs, it makes sense to look into hiring a PPC specialist, such as the ones here at, to work on your pay per click campaign. Working with us, you may find that the cost of pay per click management can be much easier on your budget than you might expect. Contact us today!