Cost per Click Formula

How Do You Decide on a Cost Per Click Formula?


“Cost per click formula”, as some may call it, is not a formula as we know it. We do not use numbers to configure our advertising cost when thinking of the “cost per click formula” but instead we use keywords.


When businesses decide to invest their advertising dollars in “cost per click formulas” they are hoping for them to generate into cost per acquisitions, which is also known as traffic brokering. Generating theses acquisitions will create a high amount of income for those who use the system wisely.

Many businesses, and pay per click marketers, do not know about the “cost per click formula” so they continue building there ads with keywords that to do drive traffic to their web sites. In doing this they are costing themselves thousands of dollars in unusable “cost per click” advertising.


The “cost per click formula” is created when web owners take a chance on unknown keywords and phrases. Working with this formula can be risky but if the correct keywords and phrases are chosen your website will be visited by genuinely interested consumers.


There are service providers available who specialize in this form of traffic brokering, but they are difficult to find. The key to being a successful “cost per click formula” creator is to choose, and combine, words that are specific to your business. Words and phrases that would not even thought of by your competitors. A business needs to dig down deep into the guts of their product or service and pull out descriptive protocols that will lead consumers straight to your webpage or banner.


The success of “cost per click formula” marketing depends on how much traffic it generates for a business owner. Without working the system correctly, business owners will see their hard earned dollars swimming down the drain, and their business will start to sink. It is very crucial to use uncommon keywords along with generic keywords. Many times, when consumers search the internet, they type in an entire sentence about what they are looking for. They do this because they want to find that specific item right away. They do not have time to sift through pages and pages of websites. This is where the “cost per click formula” shines above other cost per click ads.


So, when creating your cost per click ads be sure to carefully select keywords that are significant to your product or service. Don’t be afraid to use phrases or words that are not generally seen. The idea is to lead the searcher directly to your webpage, not to you competitors. Profitable advertising takes precise wording as well as representation and, if done properly, will generate lots of income for your business.