Google Adwords 201: Beyond The Basics

So you know just enough about PPC to get by,

But getting by doesn’t pump ROI.

Do you want to know enough to be dangerous?

google adwords

What is it?

Google is teaming up with That! Company to drop some Google AdWords knowledge in a free seminar.

Who is this for?

Marketers or Business Owners with PPC experience but are looking to add some essential skills to their tool-belt.

Where is it at?

Aloft Orlando Downtown – 500 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32801

Streaming Live via YouTube

*Only 50 seats available in person, so sign up before it gets filled!

When is it?

October 9th, 2015

10:30am – 12pm EST

 Why should I go?

To gain in-depth knowledge about:

Remarketing for Search – RLSA

In Market/Affinity Market Audiences

YouTube Marketing

Google Shopping

Dynamic Remarketing

Regular Remarketing

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Complete the below to RSVP! 

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