Google AdWords PPC & Google Advertising: Choosing the Best Service to Meet Your Needs

Google Advertising: Successful Strategies for Your Business


Google AdWords PPC is an advertising platform that enables business to create ad campaigns on Google Properties. Google AdWords uses a paid search advertising model, in which users bid on keywords they want to have trigger their sponsored ads. If one or more advertisers are bidding on a keyword that Google deems relevant to the search query, an auction for the word is triggered. Advertisers identify keywords they want to bid on, how much they want to spend and create groupings of these keywords that pare paired with ads. The AdWords ads are then displayed alongside search results on Google when someone uses one of your keywords in their search query.

There is a direct correlation between successful use of Google AdWords and the company chosen

Your success using Google AdWords as a part of your pay per click marketing campaign can be heavily influenced by using a successful PPC consulting company such as That! Company. Our PPC professionals guide you through the intense process of building a pay per click platform which enables your business to create ad campaigns on Google properties. With Google conducting nearly 70% of all online searches (more than Yahoo and Bing combined), success with Google AdWords can drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site.

What Creates a Successful Google AdWords PPC Campaign?

A number of factors determine a successful Google AdWords PPC campaign. That! Company will help your business focus on what is most important, such as: relevance and quality scores; raising click through rates with strong keyword, text ad and ad group targeting and organization; active account management and optimization; expanding and refining your campaigns with long-tail keyword research; testing multiple text ads to optimize conversion rate and cost per conversion; and creating unique, targeted, well-designed landing pages for each ad group. There are many advertisers that are not experienced and knowledgeable in using the Google Adwords programs. Having a high quality score is certainly key, by it can often be difficult to manage the varying factors that contribute to a quality score. THAT! Company’s PPC experts can measure the percentage of pay per clicks you will receive on your ads per the number of impressions. We will know how often your ad is viewed, or if your ad has a lot of impressions or clicks. Click through rate is important because it affects your quality score, which allows you to improve or maintain ad position for lower costs.

Google AdWords gives high quality scores to advertisers with high AdWords click-through rates.

This allows you to reach the most appropriate audience by ensuring only the most relevant queries trigger your ad, filter out unwanted ads, and reduce cost per click while increasing ROI. That! Company’s Google AdWords PPC will prevent you from wasting money on unwanted impressions and clicks from irrelevant searches that won’t convert into sales. Google AdWords, often referred to as Pay per click, was created in 2003 and it remains the main source of Google’s revenue. In 2012, Google grossed approximately $42.5 billion in AdWords revenue. Think about that for a second, and you will quickly understand why it is difficult to be successful in running your own PPC campaigns. If everyone could master it, Google would quickly see those gross revenues decrease. Google AdWords is a complex animal by design but can be one of the effective forms of advertising in terms of producing measurable return on investment. This complexity, however, dictates that businesses who are serious about their Google AdWords campaigns hire a qualified agency to oversee management is just such an agency. We were there at the inception of the Google AdWords industry, and even supplied Yahoo! with their first Pay per click management software. How is that for a storied history in the industry?

Let develop a custom strategy for your text, banner and rich-media ads.

Since every business and every vertical is different, a one-size-fits-all approach to Google AdWords doesn’t work. This accounts for the poor client retention rates of “set it and forget it” PPC companies who are willing to settle for a churn-and-burn approach to client management. This type of strategy best serves the search engines and the PPC management company pocketing the clients’ fees, but rarely does the client ever come out on the winning end of such a poor philosophy. Some PPC management companies cram approximately 100 Google AdWords accounts on their managers. This is crazy and terribly unfair to the business who hires a PPC company to keep their best interests at heart. At, our managers handle only 10-12 Google AdWords accounts period. We believe it is our duty to provide the strongest PPC strategies in the industry to our clients, and this cannot be accomplished by overloading the account managers.

How Can PPC Help Your Business?

If you’d like to learn more about how can take your Google AdWords campaigns to the next level, fill out the form or give us a call today. We’d be pleased to offer you a complimentary consultation on your existing PPC efforts, or talk a little professional strategy about how we can drive revenue while keeping your costs as low as possible. There are many benefits to Google advertising, as well all know, but it can also be a very expensive experiment if you aren’t experienced with managing PPC campaigns. We can eliminate these expensive lessons by providing your company with the most experienced team in the industry today. Our Google advertising clients receive valuable advice and direction throughout the conversion process, as well. It’s one thing to drive traffic through SEM, but it is also incumbent upon our Google AdWords PPC team to seek conversions for our clients. This is why we provide consulting on issues such as calls-to-action, conversions processes and landing pages. If your current Google AdWords company does not do this, your campaigns are not as successful as they could be so quit wasting your time and marketing dollars on an incomplete solution. It is easy to get started with us, and we don’t ask for long-term commitments. Our Google advertising agreements start with a two-month commitment; after that, it is our philosophy that we should be earning your business through strong return on investment, and the agreements extend month-to-month.If you are brand new to Google advertising, give us a call and we will provide you with a complimentary analysis. If you are not satisfied with your current agency, let us take a look and see how we can help.Google AdWords PPC