How to Set Up an Adwords Account

Setting up a Adwords account search and display:

When you set up a new campaign there are a few things you need to make sure that you have in place to determine how you want to show your ads. Once you have the campaign ready to run, you will click the campaign you want to setup and then click the setting tab. This will then take you to a screen where you can to set up your setting for the campaign.

At the top of the page under the General setting area you will see the name of the campaign and just under that will be the Type followed by the type of network selected when you created the campaign. Google defaults to put you in both search and display networks and this may not be a good selection for you.

To edit the type of network you want click the edit tab and this will allow you to set up the advertising in Search, Display or Search and Display. The Search tab allows you to show your ads in Google and Google’s search partners. The ads that will show in the area are your text ads only. If you pick Display this will allow you to advertise on other peoples websites in text ad and/or Images ads.

Once you have made your selection click save.

Written by: Rick Sanders, Manager of Search Engine Marketing