Local Search Engine Marketing Tips

Local Search Engine Marketing is designed to generate prequalified traffic allowing you to reach your potential customers at the point when they are most interested in your products or services. Users searching the web for local offers are most motivated to buy. By targeting them geographically local Search Engine Marketing brings in the kind of traffic that can be easily converted into customers.

•·        Just like global SEM, local Search Engine Marketing is largely based on Search Engine Optimization which involves all the components of general SEO efforts. But everything is done with a local focus in mind.  

•·        One of the most inexpensive marketing techniques with a considerable ROI is getting listed with local directories and portals. But you need to do some research first in order to find out which pages rank high for relevant search terms on the major search engines. You should also submit to your local Chamber of Commerce if they provide submission services.

•·        If you are going to start a brand-new site from scratch in a highly competitive field, it may take sometime before it will appear on Google. Therefore it may be reasonable to create a temporary website on a well-established server which will allow you gain more trust and authority.

•·        If your business caters to a specific local market in another country buying a local domain or hosting your web site on a local server may be very helpful. Try to gain links from the sites that are considered local to your target region in order to guarantee your inclusion in the local search results.

•·        Since some of the major search engines try to provide most relevant local search results according to the user’s location, having your business address on several web pages may give you an edge when you are close to the searcher.    

•·        Local Search Engine Advertising is an essential element of Local Search Engine Marketing. While Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of time before you can actually see the results which are rarely guaranteed, you may test the demand on the market with a PPC campaign. All major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN provide Pay-Per-Click services which allow you to quickly buy targeted traffic biding on the relevant keywords.  

•·        Apart from the major players of the search market there are also a number of local search sites and directories such as CitySearch and Verizon SuperPages that you should concern yourself with. They receive a significant deal of global and local search traffic as well as direct leads.

While staying specifically focused on the local market local Search Engine Marketing allows to target users with the highest buying motivation. Due to the rapid development of local search services this branch of search engine marketing gains momentum and becomes ever more appealing to both local and national businesses.