Pay per click advertisement can help you or clients

Pay per click advertisement is a method of advertising in which advertisers pay for each ad clicked, usually via an advertising platform such as Google AdWords. PPC advertisers bid on specific keywords in order to have their ads appear. Because of the Internet, most shoppers look online first looking for your specific product and service. Your PPC campaign must contain bid words that describe what you sell so your business achieves instant exposure.

Why is it important to work with a company that knows pay per click advertising?

A Pay per click advertisement can be more effective if you are working with a professional PPC agency such as, whose knowledge and skills help provide the right keywords. We provide a high end marketing service that includes market research and a clear understanding of YOUR market, their needs, how they search and what works for them. Our keyword management solutions know how to assess the value of keywords to attract a high Quality Score, impressions, CPC and conversions. Our PPC professionals can provide actionable recommendations to improve your pay per click advertisement campaign as well as alerts to help you pause and correct under-performing keywords.

Our pay per click advertisement proprietary software, combined with our skilled professionals, provides the tools and resources necessary for us to craft pay per click ads for your website that drive traffic and conversions. We use PPC advertising and data from trusted sources that rely on global statistics and broad estimates. You don’t want a mixed bag of results from your pay per click investment. It is important you work with a PPC agency, who can manage the best pay per click data and analyze it – then make monetary decisions based upon data, not guesswork.

What can pay per click advertisement do for your business?

A pay per click advertisement and marketing campaign allows a business to buy its way to a better position on search engine results pages that are most relevant for its customers. We are experts that know pay per click advertising so you get your website promotion instantly in front of your target faster. We will help you develop a plan that pays attention to PPC costs that measure effectiveness. In addition, we will give you all the advice and support you need to keep your business focused on short and long term conversion goals. You can choose from our different investment levels based on your budget and pay per click advertisement campaign. has built strong relationships with all the major search engines that offer pay per click advertisement, including Google and Search Alliance (Bing and Yahoo). Our PPC team will give you the opportunity to improve your productivity and efficiency by showing you weekly reports that analyze the success of our PPC advertising and suggest adjustments to keep your pay per click advertisement on track.

Your Clients Will Succeed With Our Pay Per Click Affiliate Program

A professional pay per click affiliate program with THAT! Company can help your business dominate the search engine marketing industry with our PPC reseller services. We know how to provide PPC services that will effectively help you grow and retain your clients.

THAT! Company’s pay per click affiliate program offers the strongest PPC team in the industry today, along with our high-touch client communications philosophies that keep your clients educated on what’s happening with their marketing dollars. With our highly-trained and dedicated staff standing behind you, you can rest assured your clients will receive the attention they deserve. We understand Internet marketing as a whole, not just one discipline. This gives your clients a competitive edge in the digital world. We will work with you to develop a custom private label program that best suits the needs of your business and serves your clients well.

What can I expect from your pay per click affiliate program?

Our pay per click affiliate program is a true partnership for your business. Whether you are an ad agency, an SEO company or an independent entrepreneur, we are highly dedicated to fulfilling your needs. Our private label programs are completely turnkey, from sales and business development support to managing every aspect of a successful PPC account. We provide high-touch services as members of your business, and treat each of your clients with respect and dedication. Our expertise encompasses every aspect from keyword development, bidding strategies, multivariate testing, landing page creation, and written ad copy to optimizing campaign elements to achieve your objectives with the most efficient costs and conversion rates. And we also include reporting and client meetings to insure your clients are educated and knowledgeable about what’s happening.

Tell me more!

THAT! Company’s private labels services are unique because we don’t concentrate on one specific discipline. We offer SEO, PPC, SMM, coding/programming, application development and ad agency services, if desired, or additional resources are needed. Our pay per click affiliate program will help take you to the top of your game. Our combination of BEST technologies, process and strategies allow us to scale single market and global programs successfully! We consider client retention to be our objective, and this is the focus of our pay per click affiliate program services. We work to serve your company by serving your clients well.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you need. Our pay per click affiliate program and consulting services allows our private label partners the ability to customize the solution that best suits their needs. THAT! Company is an award winning Digital Marketing Agency with experience and expertise with our pay per click affiliate program that wants to help your business grow. Call us today to learn more about our private label offerings.

Professional PPC white label services for you

Our PPC white label services are exactly what your marketing company needs in order to grow. We know that our customers desire confidential solutions when their clients need PPC, but they do not have the skill set in house.

There are many reasons to allow our experienced team to handle the PPC campaigns for your clients. There are many large firms who count on our services to successfully run their businesses. We are the largest provider of white label PPC services because we have an extremely high success rate and operate in a professional manner.

Pay attention to your details

You will see how much time and energy you can save by using our PPC white label offering. PPC is a very useful way to expose many interested customers to your brand, and to quickly build traffic to your clients’ websites. Our program is supported by Google, as all of our PPC specialists are Google Certified. Credibility is important to your customers, and this qualification will give you that recognition. We consistently deliver results for you as we focus on maintaining solid relationships with your customers., a division of That! Company, is trusted by large companies to control all of their PPC responsibilities to their clients. Our managers are incredibly qualified and experienced in this field. Our campaigns will take your clients’ budgets further and provide value for money.

We are well known in this business for our achievements. You can rest easy when you hire us. We are always close by to answer any questions or discuss the campaign. Cultivating solid relationships with you and your clients is the most important part of this process.

Our PPC white label service offers privacy and discretion

We are bound by nondisclosure and non compete agreements that will protect your privacy. Our experts always use your your brand on any type of communication with your customers. Emails are sent from your domain, telephone numbers answered in your company’s name, and other steps are taken to show your clients that you are the orchestrator of their PPC services. You can take time to focus on the aspects of your business that are demanding your undivided attention and let us make your PPC investment successful.

Develop your marketing and advertising techniques

We offer a range of business solutions that will take your clients’ online presence to the next level. PPC management is one of a number of services we provide. Our dedicated team of professionals is proud to be a leader in this field. Digital marketing is here to stay, and it is important that business owners use this resource to their advantage. Your marketing company can benefit incredibly by using our PPC white label services. Call us today!

What can pay per click advertising do for you?

There can be a huge benefit for you to get pay per click advertising for your business. THAT! Company understands if you are using an SEO, it is easy to discount the role of PPC in overall online marketing strategy. However PPC offers options that you simply cannot get from any other method of online marketing. In fact studies show that PPC can support SEO. Using both can have a synergistic effect and result in more combined referrals. But let us focus for the moment just on the impact of pay per click advertising to drive your bottom line.

You have your budget. You know your customer. And now you want the best ROI for your advertising dollar and effectively reach qualified customers. It is time to get pay per click. THAT! Company can make sure your PPC is aimed at budget efficiency while generating leads and conversions through diligent optimization and continual analysis. You can gain immediate results with PPC. PPC will give you a reliable traffic flow for a predictable amount of money. Let us face it, sometimes it just makes sense to pay for qualified traffic and the most effective way to get beneficial customers for a new keyword is to pay for them.

If a searcher visits your site you can make the assumption they are interested in your product or service. If you get pay per click, you can have much greater conversion rates. You will have a greater yield on your investment. You can even specifically target visitors who have not converted yet while ensuring your market budget is not wasted on visitors who already found what they are looking for.

I want pay per click, so what now?

If you decide to get pay per click, here are some of the services you might expect: keyword list expansion and reduction, ad copywriting suggestions/implementation, landing page review, ad group structure and set up, remarketing on the display network, ad scheduling and incremental bidding, ad quality review, Google ad extension s, product listing ads management, to name a few.

It is our philosophy at THAT! Company, that businesses should promote themselves within as many channels as they can reasonably afford. That is a good reason to get pay per click. AS we said earlier we know that SEO definitely works and works well, but there is only a limited amount of exposure available in search engines. That means that only a few dozen businesses may have exposure in the first page of search engine results from industries that have many hundreds of providers. In addition PPC can increase your income until SEO has a chance to take effect.

You have the option of a paid search campaign that can give you more business referrals results for your top keyword combinations. It can make up for those companies who do not have top rankings. Mathematically, paid search is often less costly and faster to implement than SEO. So the risks are pretty low and controllable. There are enough options to consider your using a professional provider to at least set up pay per click advertising efficiently for you.