PPC Assurance – Complete Assurance for your PPC Campaign

PPC Assurance Commitment to Your Satisfaction

Many companies are concerned with their PPC Campaigns and trusting them to a PPC Management Company.  That’s exactly why we offer a 100 % PPC Assurance satisfaction gurantee.   If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason our Assurance to you is that you won’t have to pay.  We will assure your satisfaction guaranteed.

PPC Assurance Provides Peace of Mind

We handle millions of dollars of PPC advertising spend with Google, Yahoo, MSN, 7search, Miva, and Facebook.  Our PPC Assurance provides you with peace of mind knowing that your satisfaction comes first.  It’s about doing the right thing.  We are results oriented.  It’s not about the number of visits you recieve, it’s not about impressions, it’s all about conversions.  Under our PPC Assurance gurantee if you’re not happy with conversions you simply don’t pay.

PPC Assurance gurantees that You Keep your Account

Current PPC advertiser?  Already have an adwords, searh marketing, or adcenter account?  Did you know that many PPC companies once they get your account will refuse to return it to you?  Imagine being unhappy with a PPC Company and wanting to take your business elsewhere, all your keywords.. lost.. all your conversion history… lost.  While our PPC Account retention is above 98% if a client decides that they want to go, then they keep their account.  That’s PPC Assurance.  You can be assured that your hard work will not be wasted, your valuable data and developed keywords, ads, adgroups, and campaigns are all yours.

Questions to ask Other PPC Companies:

1. Will I be assured of my satisfaction?

2. Will I pay if I am unhappy?

3. Will I pay if I don’t like the conversions?

4. Will you assure me that I will get my account(s) back when I leave?

If they can’t provide that level of PPC Assurance you should probably be looking somewhere else.

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