PPC Management Private Label Program Announcement

Mount Dora, Florida May 1, 2008 – PPCManagement.com, the World Leading provider of Pay per Click Management solutions, announced today that they launched a new Private Label Program. The PPC Management Private Label Program allows third party vendors to seamlessly integrate PPCManagement’s leading tracking, bid management solutions and experienced PPC Managers into an existing Web Design, SEO, or interactive advertising agency’s portfolio.

PPCManagement.com has been powering SEM and SEO agencies with PPCPRo bid management and tracking technology since 2001. At the birth of PPC Advertising they developed a tool to effectively manage Goto.com advertising (later purchased by Overture and then Yahoo).  With the launch of the new PPC Management Private Label Program, web analytics vendors, email vendors, affiliate tool providers, ad serving vendors, and other interactive service providers will be instantly enabled the tools and experience of a the world leading provider of PPC Management Services, click fraud monitoring, and bid management services all under a Private Label GUI with their own look and feel.

PPC Management was the first to market with performance based bid management and ROI tracking in 2004, and now, with their full service Private Label Program, they are bringing their rich history and experience in the PPC Management industry to companies which will enable other interactive advertising vendors to have the PPC Management toolset.

PPCManagement has experienced significant agency growth since its launch in 2001. Acquired by Buildtelligence Web Solutions in 2007 PPC Management removed it’s toolset from the open market and became a service only company.  Focusing on providing it’s clients with the most experienced PPC Managers using the most advanced toolset.  Today with the PPC Management Private Label program companies that are understaffed, overworked, or not capable of marketing ppc management services to their clients can instantly activate their own full service PPC Management division by acquiring ppc management private label services. 

PPC Management answers the phones, provides world class reporting, and best in class customer service all under the private labeled company’s name. 

As the World Leader in PPC Account Management and PPC Services, it isn’t our responsibility to just drive traffic to our client’s sites instead we have to drive the right traffic through to the right experience at the right moment. We have to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for, and take them through that experience, from a search trigger, to completed action.

If your company or agency is interested in improving customer service, reducing costs, making money without the headaches of under-trained staff, or wants to enter into the PPC Management marketplace as a new revenue opportunity, then PPC Management’s Private Label Program is for you.  Please contact PPCManagement.com at 877-467-6694 to discuss this exciting opportunity.