How a PPC Management Tool Helps Your Marketing Campaign

Benefits of a PPC Management Tool

Pay per click advertising is probably the fastest way to dominant search engine rankings. But it can also be the most expensive if you are not aware of how to use a PPC management tool to assist you in the process. THAT! Company has a host of PPC tools we use to put your advertising and marketing campaign to work to generate traffic and conversions.

Strategy is essential when dealing with pay per click analytics tools. THAT! Company can help you make educated decisions. You probably don’t have the time or skill to plow through 100,000 keywords and their associated data to assess which ones are bet to use in an ad campaign. We offer you clear cut suggestions.

The ultimate tool for managing PPC campaigns will help you get organized and alleviate the burden of hacking away at mountains of data. THAT! Company can provide you the information you need to know and tool sets to leverage data successfully, so you can turn it into successful pay per click ads.

A PPC Management Tool With Reach

There are few online advertising tools that can put you in front of an audience that rivals a small nation in size, but THAT! Company’s PPC management tool can do that. We can help you build an effective pay per click marketing campaign on a search engine, and roll it across multiple search engines in no time. We will help you define the PPC capabilities you need, and the ones you can live without, while helping you to avoid costly mistakes.

Our tool will not only show you data; it will teach you what to do with it. You can’t have a management solution without the right web analytics to help you harness thousands of keywords; analyze data; manage keywords, ad groups, and work flow process; and automate previously laborious tasks in just a few clicks.

Our tool helps eliminate stress and allows you to discover your most qualified audience and most lucrative opportunities for text ad building. THAT! Company’s PPC management software does more than provide automated bids and results reports. You will have full transparency into bid recommendation. Our software provides strategic automation to build your pay per click campaign to its full potential, while still giving you control over major decisions. You will be working closely with our PPC team of professionals to meet your specific business objectives in branding, revenue, margin, and profit.

There are crucial elements to utilizing PPC management software. THAT! Company has the expertise to build a successful PPC advertising AdWords campaign with quality software, resources and service options to help optimize your account. Our PPC Management Tool offers an extensive suite of tools which aid in every step of your pay per click campaign process, from keyword generation to high quality landing pages.