PPC Managment

PPC Managment and that dog gone “e”

We’ve been doing PPC Managment for what seems like forever.  However, there isn’t a day that goes by when we see the phrase “PPC Managment” which is missing the “e” it drives our company nuts.  I mean we find it missing on reports, we find it missing in company documents we find it missing everywhere.  We do our best with spell check but the missing “e” in PPC Managment haunts us still.

So we decided to enlist the help of our customers and clients and web visitors.  We pay $5 every time you find a missing “e” in PPC Managment.  Other than on this page which is intended to be the ONLY company document that contains the misspelled version of “PPC Managment”

We pay the first person that tells us about a missing “e” that they find.  We have hundreds of web pages and hundreds of documents.  If you EVER receive a document from us with the “e” missing from PPC Managment you get paid.

Have fun and help us clean up this aggravating issue!

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