PPC Placement

Why PPC Placement Counts

Many clients ask us if they should target the number one position in their PPC Programs.  We don’t think so.  The premium PPC placement (#1) does get more clicks, but the unfortunate reality for advertisers is that the premium PPC placement also gets more “tire kickers,” “look and leave” and generally speaking people that aren’t ready to make a decision.

PPC Placement – Targeting 2.9

We advise almost all of our clients to target the 2.9 average position.  Why?  Google’s PPC Placements are often in one of 3 variations found below, We found in our own research and observations that the prevalence of these PPC Placements is in the following order:

  • 2 ads inline with Organic Results


  • 3 ads in line with Organic Results


  • 1 Ad in line with Organic Results


  • 0 ads in line with Organic Results


In each case, all other ads are displayed in the right-hand column.

As you can see the top two PPC Placement configurations the target position 2.9 has some distinct advantages.  In the 2 ad configuration, the target ad is displayed as the first result in the right column.  We believe that brings significant prominence to the ad and after the tire kickers have clicked through the other premium PPC placement ads and perhaps even an organic or two the top right ad now has very significant placement.

In the second most popular PPC placement configuration (3 ads inline with the organics) The 2.9 target position will land the ad in the 3rd spot right above the organic results.  Sometimes the ad in this position may even be confused with an organic result.

Why pay for the Premium PPC Placement?

The number 1 ad will always pay the premium price for that position.  Paying the topmost dollar for the privilege if being the tire kicker ad.  We have shown time and again through cost per acquisition that ads targeted to the 2.9 position are far more cost-effective than the number 1 position at generating traffic that leads to a sale.

Talk to one of our PPC specialists to learn more about the 2.9 philosophy of PPC Placement.