PPC SEO: Utilizing Two Complimentary Methods

When businesses are thinking about how to drive traffic to their website from search engines, the primary tools needed are PPC SEO. Although a business may want to concentrate on the use of one more than the other, there are many ways a PPC campaign and SEO efforts can benefit one another. First let us explain the differences.

PPC advertising, also known as Pay per click or paid search, is the process of paying for advertising on sites and search engines but the advertiser is not charged unless someone clicks on the ad. PPC is like an auction where you compete for position against other advertisers. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is about getting a website found and ranked higher on search engine results pages. A website is charged no fee when searchers click on these results. The hard part comes in optimizing a website so that searchers consider it to be highly qualified and relevant for gaining results. While clicks on these links may be free, it can take a large amount of money and investment of time for a business to have the right kind of optimization to produce the desired results to their website.

PPC & SEO in Your Advertising Campaign

PPC SEO benefit one another in building your advertising campaign by helping you write better headlines that generate more clicks. It isn’t just about backlinks and keywords, SEO is important for getting people to click on your website when it shows up in the search results. Your PPC campaign helps get your site detailed feedback about which of your headlines gets the highest number of clicks.

PPC and SEO Efforts

PPC SEO compliment one another by creating an opportunity for operating with a broad match option of keywords that can be targeted and so you can see how often they occur and give your business an added advantage in your advertising niche. A PPC SEO campaign supporting one another’s efforts to boost your leads and conversions can save your business thousands of advertising dollars and months of time in achieving a high search engine ranking. By running an effective PPC campaign ahead of time, you will find out more quickly if you are targeting low-converting keywords. This will allow your SEO efforts to pay off in a big way. You can use your PPC efforts to guide your SEO strategy and gain a huge advantage over your competition.

Both PPC SEO benefit your product or service, by providing highly desirable traffic. PPC is better for producing instant results, but SEO can provide a higher return on your investment in the long run. As a part of your long term strategy, you are wise to combine both methods better than if you were only concentrating on one or the other.