PPC Tracking Helps You See Your Real Return on Investment

PPC tracking is extremely important if you are spending a lot of money on a particular pay per click advertising and marketing campaign

It makes sense if you think you are sending out “killer blasts” and then have no tracking in place to find out whether the time and money you are committing is paying off.

THAT! Company and PPCManagement.com have the best PPC software tools to help your website make more money. It is smart to work with a PPC expert. At the most basic level, our account representatives know that tracking helps you to stay in touch with your return on investment and where your money is best spent. We target the best keywords, ad groups, and campaigns which are the most profitable. Also, we know how to test new ads and conversion pages more effectively. We know how to track how much each pay per click visitor is costing you, and we can help you discover any leaks in your landing pages.

Our PPC Tracking Services Do More for You

With THAT! Company and PPCMangement.com’s PPC tracking services, we can also create separate tracking IDs for blog promotions, email promotions, and more, resulting in some extremely valuable pay per click information that will help you optimize your ads and find out where you should be focusing your efforts for the best return on investment. We can narrow down which ads are working, even if you are using several different promotional methods for each product you promote.

There are many pay per click companies and even individuals (do-it-yourselfers) who are purchasing their own online tracking software packages which miss the boat in their implementation. They may have designated goals that are not relevant to their website. THAT! Company’s PPC professionals will make sure you understand the possible fallacies of each particular paid search characteristic to ensure that you are running a successful PPC marketing campaign. We will make sure you are in tune with the big picture. No tracking, no data! It is that simple.

THAT! Company uses advanced analytics to evaluate and gather data and patterns concerning your audience. In the process of developing PPC marketing strategies, we don’t overlook your overall goals, such as registration or sales. For example, if your site has four different ways a user can convert for a particular type of membership, we can track all the data behind their actions. This allows you to make adjustments in real time to make the process work more effectively.

As a business owner, it is important for you to be able to follow a conversion path from beginning to end. Our PPC tracking skills can leverage all kinds of data to come up with new strategies to boost your pay per click advertising and marketing platform.