What PPC Tools Do for Your Bottom Line

Combine The Best PPC Tools With The Most Experienced PPC Managers For Results Driven PPC Advertising Campaigns


Many “do-it-yourselfers” have tried to utilize PPC tools and software to conduct their own PPC campaigns, but they have learned the hard way that it is better to work with a professional Internet marketing agency like THAT! Company. Just as you would not try to replicate the engine on your car yourself, why would you try to outsmart Google and the other search engines on your own, and waste your valuable marketing dollars in the process?

THAT! Company certainly utilizes some of the best PPC tools on the market today, but tools and software alone cannot maximize results or make strategic changes based upon the trending data and analytics. Why struggle when the dedicated SEM managers at THAT! Company can build effective campaigns that save you time and money, and generate big results?

Whether your business is dependent on a local consumer base, or you are a Fortune 1000, 500 or 50, THAT! Company is prepared to partner with you to create a profitable, cost effective campaign offering you much more than online pay per click programs. We have yet to see PPC tools that can outperform a skilled human professional, which is why we remain a high-touch PPC management company.

If you are considering purchasing PPC tools or software package for your PPC management, you should carefully consider if this solution will out-perform THAT! Company’s PPC team. The answer is a simple no. Your search engine marketing campaign will have much better results at lower costs when you work with the highly-competent team from THAT! Company. We are able to make the qualitative and quantitative decisions that software alone simply cannot supply.

Automated PPC tools or a software system can only perform as well as you tell it to. While it can seem easy to set up PPC, it will be very challenging for you to get the same outstanding results driven by an experienced PPC company. There are so many factors that determine how your website performs in gaining conversions. It can also be difficult to make sense of the trending data that flows from PPC. Software cannot help guide you into intelligent decision making when it comes to honing your search engine marketing programs. This information is critical to the success of your business development and marketing decisions. PPC tools are also not going to be very effective in providing you with critical information about your competitive vertical, either, which is also critical to your performance results.

Call THAT! Company today to learn more about our intelligently-managed and high-touch PPC services.

Our goal is conversions, and we believe that our people perform better than low-touch PPC tools. Let us explain how we can help grow your revenues with intelligent PPC.