Pay Per Click Management Testimonials

Some Feedback from Our Clients

“Prior to meeting Buildtelligence, Data Graphics could not be found on the web. Between Buildtelligence’s SEO and PPC experience, Data Graphics has been able to secure new sales leads daily, which has translated into sales dollars. Ken Knorr and his team have been able to generate potential new clients for our business – custom labels, nameplates, overlays, aluminum nameplates, digital printing and roll labels. Not only are we showing up on page one organically for several keywords, but our campaigns are also generating exposure beyond our expectations. Sales opportunities are coming to us from all over the globe, instead of us chasing down them down. Buildtelligence has become a strategic partner in Data Graphics’ overall business model and we thank them for their dedication, knowledge and a sincere interest in our business.”

Brad Butterstein
Data Graphics, Inc.


“With an increasing number of homebuyers using the Internet when shopping for a new home, we recognized the importance of improving our organic positioning within the major search engines. Buildtelligence’s expertise has been invaluable in our efforts and we are seeing results. In addition, we have engaged Buildtelligence to orchestrate and manage our Pay-Per-Click campaign. We have been thoroughly impressed with their knowledge, service, and execution throughout the entire process. Buildtelligence has become a valued partner in achieving both our short and long-term web marketing objectives.”

Kimberly Garwood
Traton Homes Atlanta New Homes  |  Marketing Manager


…We were impressed with their knowledge and expertise from the very first meeting. With the Internet being the most cost-effective way to advertise today any company not using Buildtelligence is throwing Money out the Window!

Jon Lawson
Director of Marketing  |  CRF Communities Florida Retirement Communities


“…Night and Day…
Working with this SEO company Compared to the other SEO Firms we’ve used….”

David Baker
Director of Marketing  |  DriveTime


“…Since our association with these web experts, our company production has increased one hundred percent”….”I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in saving money and increasing their market share…”

Roger Schick
Grand Centurian Sales  |  (link no longer working) Century 21 Timeshare Sales


I wanted to send you kudos on the creation of a much wanted and needed product, PPC Pro. I am the CEO for Search Engine Optimization Inc, the top tier search engine optimization and internet marketing firm. We have over 200 clients many of which use PPC (Overture) for their online marketing initiatives. PPC Pro saves our clients thousands of dollars by reducing bid gaps and makes it effortless to keep our clients in the desired positions they have requested. PPC Pro is like having an ARMY of technical staff members working 24/7 365 days a year. Great job! This software is easy to use, time-saving and cost effective. BTW, we made the money back we spent on the product in only a few days!

Garry Grant
CEO / CTO  |  SEO Inc


PPC Management’s service, software, and support have been superior. We have used your product for several of our clients on almost 1500 different websites. Not only has the savings in time been significant, but the financial benefits have also been unbelievable. We have nearly 10,000 search terms we manage on each of the four pay-per-click supported by PPC Management. It would be very labor intensive to control these without your product.

You not only continue to improve your product by adding additional support of other pay-per-click engines but when one of the current engines you support, makes a change to their system, a software update to address the issue arrives almost immediately. Your product has always delivered as promised.

Thank you again for all you have done for us.

Best Regards,

Eric Knoth


I recently downloaded the trial version of your pay-per-click management software. It is Great! With the “Auto Pilot” feature, I no longer have to repeatedly log in to to monitor the position of each of our keywords. I just “set it and forget it.” And, the program’s ability to identify and close the gap between bid prices is saving us a lot of money. I’m certain that we can save the price of the program in the first month of use. I am ready to purchase the program. I don’t want to go back to the old way of staying on top of our competitors.

Bill Parker
USA Backgrounds


I researched several bid management softwares and found PPC Pro to be far superior to the rest. The software runs flawlessly and your customer service is excellent!

G. Gunther