Pay Per Click Management Pricing

Proper pricing is important for both you as the client and us as the provider. Designed using our years of experience, our PPC Management price structure has been tuned to produce the best performance for our clients at reasonable cost while keeping us in businesses.

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PPC Managers and Analysts Don’t Recieve Bonuses

None of our pay per click management services team is paid bonuses or commissions based on your advertising budget, we believe that their primary focus needs to be on your overall satisfaction and more importantly on the overall effectiveness of your campaign.  They aren’t there to “Spend” your monthly budget, but rather they are there to bring you new business through sale conversions and / or lead conversions.  Because of this our Primary (Gold and Xtreme) PPC Management Pricing is NOT based on a percentage of your monthly spend.


PPC Managment Price not based on Visitor Counts

Further our Gold and Xtreme ppc management pricing structure is NOT based on raw visitor count or clickthroughs.  The focus of a PPc management firm needs to be on driving Qualified leads (not just any person) to your site.

Our Gold and Xtreme ppc management pricing is a flat fee structure that is based on your overall budget combined with your service level needs.  This pricing structure provides us with the incentive and the ability to provide the best level of service and  the exact service level that you need.  This pricing structure is unheard of in the industry but we are sure that more and more ppc services providers will be copy our pricing program.  We also believe that imitation is the best form of flattery!

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1.We want to earn your trust by letting you learn all you can about our company, our performance and our services before you make a commitment. Unlike other PPC Companies, we have a very comprehensive approach that you should learn about AND see for yourself.

2.We want you to experience our amazingly easy, high-quality customized solution for your PPC needs, with services used extensively by businesses in North America and the World, including Fortune 500 companies, E-commerce sites, and smaller owner operated businesses.

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