Reseller Adwords

If You’re Going To Be a PPC Reseller, Adwords is the Key

If you are a strong salesman or have a talented sales force, but your production department is tight on resources, then you may want to become a reseller. Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, SEO services or even social media can all be profitable with the right affiliate to help get the work done. The key being the right affiliate; pay per click and SEO are hard to do right, and always changing. So make sure you find one that can get the job done.

As was mentioned, being able to sell pay per click management services does not mean you are able to provide them. Now there is nothing wrong with being a great salesman. If your talents run to finding out what a person needs and knowing the right way to offer it to them, then that is great. Just make sure that you can back up what you are selling. In other word,s if you can not provide the service, then be a reseller.

Adwords can be tricky to work with. It has many variables, and Google doesn’t give out its secrets. When you manage a client’s account, you are spending their money every time an ad gets clicked on. If not done right, a lot of money can be spent very quickly without bringing in the results you were hoping for.

You’re the Reseller; Adwords Expertise is the Product

Good technical talent can be hard to find, and frankly expensive as well. Assuming you have sales in order, hiring staff for pay per click may be more expensive than the profit to be had. On the other hand, finding a company who already has the technical staff end of things covered, but may not have the sales team you do, can be a golden opportunity. The hard part, then, is finding a good match.

First off, figure out what you want to sell. Then it is time to see who provides those services. There are many companies who happily accept white label agreements to make good use of their production staff’s time and training. It is important that you check the credentials of whom you choose to work with. Anyone can say they have the skill; make sure that the company you hire does. After all, even though they will be doing the work, it is still your name the client will remember.

So remember, if your sales team can sell so well that you need help to fill the orders, it doesn’t hurt to be a reseller. Adwords is hard to handle successfully, so find some help. PPCmanagment. com and That Company are here to help you.