ROI tracking press release

PPC Management and Launch First Comprehensive Bid Management and ROI Tracking Solution For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

(Poughkeepsie, NY) – April 9. 2003  — PPC Management, Inc. and announced today that they have jointly launched the first comprehensive pay-per-click bid management and return on investment (ROI) tracking system for Internet marketers at small to medium-sized businesses.  By combining PPC Management’s desktop application to manage pay-per-click search engine keyterm bids with ConversionRuler’s click-through tracking, marketers can now track the results of their promotional efforts literally down to the penny.

Jed Young, President of PPC Management, Inc., said “We already have a really cost-effective and accurate bid management tool, but the piece we were missing was the other side of the equation—the ROI tracking.  By establishing the strategic partnership with and integrating an XML feed from their tracking system into our application, we can offer our customers the whole picture at a tiny fraction of the cost of other systems that are mostly intended for large companies with huge budgets.”

Starting at $15 per month for up to 50 key words, PPC Pro Overture allows a marketer to manage the bids for a list of key words on Overture.  Pricing tops out at $120 per month for an unlimited number of keywords.  PPC Management also offers another version of the software for management of key words on other search engines such as Findwhat, Enhance (Ah-Ha), and Kanoodle.  Including the reporting, the monthly pricing for PPC Pro Overture will start at $34.99 to $159.99.  PPC Pro users can also opt for a one-time purchase of the software at prices ranging from $129 to $949 (depending on the number of keywords managed) and add the ROI-tracking at a monthly starting cost of $19.99.

Rick Fitzsimmons, President of, said “The integration of the reporting into PPC Pro represents a huge leap ahead for an advertiser who wants to know the exact results of on-line advertising efforts”.  Once the system is in place, an advertiser could, for example, bid at Overture on the search term “bow ties”…  Because Overture’s search results are syndicated across many search engines (including Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, and others), anyone searching for bow ties will have ample opportunity to click on that sponsored link and visit the advertiser’s Web site. 

Once that click occurs, tracks the click itself as well as other user actions that may occur, such as a catalog request, newsletter sign-up, or the dollar amount of any sale.  Then, sends a summary of those actions back to the advertiser and displays them in PPC Pro.  In the end, the advertiser knows exactly how much has been spent on the purchase of clicks, and exactly what the results have been in terms of sales and other important actions.  To date, no other company has offered a product with these capabilities at a price that is affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Pay-per-click advertising on the Internet is growing at an extremely rapid rate, and savvy marketers and advertisers are increasingly turning to the Web because it is one of the few marketing channels that is not stagnating.  Piper Jaffray estimates that paid searches generated $2.1 billion in 2002, and projects $7 billion by 2007.  Overture, the leader in pay-per-click advertising on the Internet, produced revenues of $667 million in 2002, which equated to a six-fold increase over 2000 and thirty-fold increase over 1999.  Overture claims 80,000 advertisers in their most recent annual report.

About PPC Management, Inc.

PPC Management, Inc ( has revolutionized pay-per-click bid management with its powerful, precise software and its customer-oriented services. PPC Pro and PPC Keyword Arsenal, its innovative software products, enable SEO firms, ad agencies, large advertisers, and small advertisers to manage multiple pay-per-click accounts in an extremely organized, time-efficient, and cost-effective manner. Using the ‘SmartBid’ technology, advertisers can easily outsmart and outbid their competition – increasing traffic, maximizing sales, and optimizing ROI.  PPC Pro is the first downloadable pay-per-click management solution to offer ROI tracking functionality.


A product developed by Timberline Interactive, Inc., is a subscription based "performance tracking" reporting service that provides detailed information on the effectiveness of your site marketing efforts.  Developed by Internet marketers for Internet marketers, ConversionRuler gives you the ROI information you need for your promotional campaigns.