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SourceTrax works with major search engines
SourceTrax Lead Tracking Software
SourceTrax (Now With CallTrax+) gives clients the ability to measure the source of incoming leads and sales. This software which functions with ASP, ASP.NET and PHP websites allows for greater analytic evaluation than ever before and trumps Google Conversion Tracking when it comes to leads.

Now when you generate a web lead you can easily add the source of that lead (partner site, search engine organic results, or Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns) along with the keywords used to find you to your CRM system. This allows you a more granular evaluation of sales that have a cycle time greater than standard e-commerce.

While Google Conversions will tell you when a conversion happens, you just can’t tell which conversions were from PPC vs. Organic vs. Offline marketing vs. Partner sites. SourceTrax.

Quit trying to guess what working and what campaigns are generating results. SourceTrax will tell you!

SourceTrax technology is included for absolutely no charge in Gold and Xtreme Programs.

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