Unmapped Keywords – Yahoo Search Marketing Anouncement

From the Yahoo Search Marketing Team Received  7/17/08

We wanted to let you know that a limited number of keywords that are currently linked to synonyms, or “mapped,” will soon become unmapped to give advertisers more control over their keywords.

As you may know, we use various matching technologies to link some previously-bid keywords to other terms that a searcher might use synonymously to look for them. This mapping connects some keywords with related synonyms, such as “car insurance” with “auto insurance.”

What’s Changing

Recently, advertisers have voiced a need to manage some of these synonyms separately, so that they can use separate bidding and creative strategies, tracking URLs and business goals. To give advertisers more control over their ads, we plan to remove a limited number of keyword mappings on July 29, 2008.

What does this mean for your accounts?

Your advertisers may still receive traffic for these terms through the Advanced match type even after these terms are unmapped. For better control, however, we suggest adding these “new” terms to your advertisers’ account, along with new tracking URLs, bids and ads.

Your advertisers have received a list of terms that will be unmapped for their individual accounts. Visit our YSM Technology Solutions Portal for a full list of terms that will be unmapped on July 29, 2008. If your advertisers add the new terms to the same ad groups as their existing terms before July 29, they will be rejected as duplicates. This file is subject to be removed at any time so please save a copy for your reference.