Why You Need Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing seems like a pretty pointless investment. Search engines are free, right? Why should you have to pay for getting your website on there when, eventually, the search engines will pick it up anyway?

Instinctively, that feels like a really good argument, but it’s based on a lot of unrealistic expectations about how search engines work and how organic and paid advertising work together. They are symbiotic and it’s important that you take advantage of both in order to craft a really effective PPC marketing campaign.
PPC management is, at least in part, about recognizing when you do and do not need paid search marketing. There are certain keywords that it’s simply not an issue, and not something worth the investment. However, there are other key words and phrases that you will likely never crack the organic search results for, at least not without a certain leg up to start with. In fact, that is part of how major companies who are entering into new endeavors often start their organic systems: by employing paid advertizing in order to jump to the head of the line when it comes to various search terms.
And really, that’s part of the beauty of paid search marketing, that you can get your website in front of eyes and, more importantly, in front of brains that will see the value in it. It’s tempting to believe that that sort of marketing precludes the need to actually produce quality content and update in a timely manner, but that is really missing the point. Instead, think of it like an audition that you’ve gotten because you happen to know somebody. This is your one shot to impress an audience, so you need to make sure that they will see the value of your website and continue to use it, as well as recommend it to others.
That’s also why paid search marketing can be such a great way of scouting new markets to advertize in. Due to their relatively inexpensive nature, you can start looking into different areas of interest, trying out various strategies that you may want to employ, and get instant feedback on how well it works with various demographics and search terms. This is your opportunity to take several months worth of work and see how it would pan out without having to actually wait that long or put in the effort to what could end up being a waste of time.
It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s important to change your thinking about how paid and free advertizing work together for your business. They are integral to one another and one compliments the other’s efforts. That’s why it’s so important to have a plan for paid search marketing.