Daily Archives: September 22, 2008

Why Use Cost Per Click Marketing?

Why use “cost per click?” It’s simple really. Advertising can get very expensive, especially for those businesses that are just starting out in their industry, so they each need a way to draw customers to their web site. Many new businesses will spend thousands of dollars a month to place ads in newspapers or magazines but they see little return on investment. Using a “cost per click” method of advertising can save businesses extra expense because they will only pay when a prospective customer clicks on their add. When a person clicks on an add it usually means they are […]

Building a Career: Search Engine Marketing Manager

For people considering a career in search engine marketing (SEM) the position of a search engine marketing manager is a tempting opportunity. But before you start scanning job posting websites and directories you need to develop a certain set of skills to meet the qualifications. SEM is a rapidly growing industry with high demand for experienced specialists. It is a tasty pie and it’s natural that so many people want to have a piece: SEM agencies, search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners, conventional advertising agencies, web developers, investors, clients, search engines, etc. To land a job in SEM one needs to […]