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Building a Career: Search Engine Marketing Manager

For people considering a career in search engine marketing (SEM) the position of a search engine marketing manager is a tempting opportunity. But before you start scanning job posting websites and directories you need to develop a certain set of skills to meet the qualifications. SEM is a rapidly growing industry with high demand for experienced specialists. It is a tasty pie and it’s natural that so many people want to have a piece: SEM agencies, search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners, conventional advertising agencies, web developers, investors, clients, search engines, etc. To land a job in SEM one needs to […]

Google Research Study on Branding

Today Google Released a study finding regarding product branding and some insights into it’s study’s findings and the use of Adwords. Google commissioned this study to measure the brand value of asearch impression. Summary Typically, when we evaluate the ROI of search we give value to the click, but not to the impression. This study looks at how to begin to value a paid search impression. We found that when a CPG brand appears in search results there’s value for the brand. And when a competitor’s brand shows up in search results and your brand doesn’t, there’s a drop in […]

Unmapped Keywords – Yahoo Search Marketing Anouncement

From the Yahoo Search Marketing Team Received  7/17/08 We wanted to let you know that a limited number of keywords that are currently linked to synonyms, or “mapped,” will soon become unmapped to give advertisers more control over their keywords. As you may know, we use various matching technologies to link some previously-bid keywords to other terms that a searcher might use synonymously to look for them. This mapping connects some keywords with related synonyms, such as “car insurance” with “auto insurance.” What’s Changing Recently, advertisers have voiced a need to manage some of these synonyms separately, so that they can […]

Target success in PPC campaigns

Online Advertising Agency

The World Wide Web has quickly become one of the fastest ways for people from all over the world to interact. The internet can be used to meet people, find businesses, and much more. As the internet becomes a stable part of the lives of most individuals many organizations have realized that the best way to connect with a wide audience is to utilize the World Wide Web. Nearly all businesses have invested in a web presence in order to become successful or maintain their popularity. Since many business owners have little or no experience promoting products or services online […]

Online Advertising Company

Many web site owners that want to see their new online ventures succeed decide to hire an online advertising company. By hiring a company that specializes in internet marketing a new web-based business is increasing their chance of succeeding and profiting from their new web site. When online advertising first became a recognized industry there were not that many companies available for hire by the average web site owner. These days there are countless companies available making it hard for a new web site owner to choose the right online advertising company. When choosing an online advertising company it is […]

Local Search Engine Marketing Tips

Local Search Engine Marketing is designed to generate prequalified traffic allowing you to reach your potential customers at the point when they are most interested in your products or services. Users searching the web for local offers are most motivated to buy. By targeting them geographically local Search Engine Marketing brings in the kind of traffic that can be easily converted into customers. Just like global SEM, local Search Engine Marketing is largely based on Search Engine Optimization which involves all the components of general SEO efforts. But everything is done with a local focus in mind. One of the […]

PPC Management Now Offers Facebook PPC Management

PPC Management is the leader in pay per click management. Instead of just sending traffic to your web site PPC Management will send targeted traffic to your web site that will help your business grow and succeed. PPC Management knows exactly what type of customer needs to see your web site and how to get them to find your web site. PPC Management has more hands on experience with effectively managing the pay per click needs of your business than the average company on the Internet today. PPC Management has been successful managing clients since 2001 and prides itself on […]

Making money in PPC is no puzzle

PPC Placement

Many clients ask us… Many ask if they should target the number one position in their PPC Programs. We don’t think so. The premium PPC placement (#1) does get more clicks, but the unfortunate reality for advertisers is that the premium PPC placement also gets more “tire kickers,” “look and leave” and generally speaking people that aren’t ready to make a decision. We advise almost all of our clients to target the 2.9 average position. Why? Google’s PPC Placements are often in one of 3 variations found below, We found in our own research and observations that the prevalence of […]

Flat Fee PPC

Why a Flat Fee PPC? I’m often asked, “Why do you offer flat fee priced PPC plans?” The answer is really quite simple although some think that it’s not a wise business decision. In this quick blog, I will try to explain the rationale behind flat fee PPC programs and why we started them and why we won’t leave them in the foreseeable future. The main reason for flat fee PCC programs is based on incentive. Incentive (Motivation) is what makes the world go ’round. It’s our belief that a traditional percentage based PPC management programs give an incentive to […]

PPC Management revenue stream

PPC Managment

PPC Managment and that dog gone “e” We’ve been doing PPC Management for what seems like forever. However, there isn’t a day that goes by when we see the phrase “PPC Managment” which is missing the “e” it drives our company nuts. I mean we find it missing on reports, we find it missing in company documents we find it missing everywhere. We do our best with spell check but the missing “e” in PPC Management haunts us still. So we decided to enlist the help of our customers and clients and web visitors. We pay $5 every time you […]